Untangled: Dancing Between The Soul-Self & The Human-Self

There is nothing more I love, than being able to dive into deep and soulful conversations with other women. I also love when I have the opportunity in one of these conversations to share more about my personal story and experiences.

And so today I am excited to share one of these conversations with you. I felt so honoured when Alana Helbig invited me onto her divinely soulful podcast Untangled. Alana and I have spoken before on her Podcast with Heart series, but never have we gone to such depths together.

This episode dives super deep and explores my personal journey of healing my inner child wounds, overcoming my fear of visibility and learning how to honour and express my soul gifts after years of suppressing and hiding them.

We explore the process many of us go through as we untangle from the grips of our human programming and prepare to express more of who we truly are in the world.

It is my hope that this conversation helps you feel less alone on your own growth journey and encourages you to keep following your heart, regardless of the fear.


In this soulful episode we explore;

  • How I uncovered and embodied my soul gifts and what I feel I am here to share with the world.
  • The old programming from my childhood which has held me back in my soul journey and how I continually work to heal these blocks.
  • The role fear plays in offering up our gifts and how I uses divine action to alleviate the fear.
  • How to differentiate between reactive, emotional action and inspired, divine action.
  • The growing pains we can experience as we expand into our soul work and soul gifts.
  • How I balances the smallness of her human-self with the hugeness of her soul’s desires.


Listen to the Episode:


Connect with Alana

Website: www.alanahelbig.com

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Untangled Podcast: Listen to more episodes.

Podcast with Heart: Listen to the series.


What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? We would love to hear it. Share with us in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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