Applying The Law Of Attraction with Belinda Anderson (AR #23)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #23 Applying the Law of Attraction with Belinda Anderson

I have no doubt that at one point or another you have heard the term, The Law of Attraction. You may have a vague idea what this concept means but do you actually know how to harness it’s power to manifest a life that you adore? If not, you are going to love today’s Awaken Radio interview with Transformational Life Coach, Belinda Anderson.

Belinda’s simple, practical and easy to apply guidance will enable you to fully grasp what the principle of The Law of Attraction is all about. In this conversation we dive deep in to an exploration of energy, raising your vibration, the power of your emotions and the steps you can follow to manifest your desires.


In Today’s Powerful Episode We Cover:

+ What the Law of Attraction actually is, and how what you think, feel and ‘vibrate’ creates your world.

+ Why changing your vibration may mean people or situations start to leave your life (and how to deal with it).

+ How to properly harness the power of affirmations, intentions and visualisation so they actually work.

+ Why the practise of meditation can speed up and support the manifestation of your desires.

+ The key foundations of manifestation including; detachment, trust, belief and focusing on how you want to feel.

+ Why how you feel now is more important than anything else.

+ Belinda’s powerful 6 step practise for how to apply the Law of Attraction in your life.



 Listen To Episode #23 with Belinda Anderson:

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