Endings, Beginnings, Changes & Wrapping Up An Old Chapter

For much of this year, there has been a feeling brewing in me – a feeling that soon change will be unfolding. It is a sense and knowing that all the work I have been doing behind the scenes within myself, will be soon coming to fruition. And that I will need to bring it out into the world in a much bigger way then ever before.

I feel like I have grown and changed so much as a woman over the past few years, and the current world I see manifested around me does not seem to reflect that. I’m still living the residual effects of my old identity, and in particular the way my business and work are being expressed in the world, no longer feels aligned with the woman I feel I now am.

I have come to realise this is a common experience on the path of growth. As we change within, we will in turn come to outgrow our old circumstances.

The world we created from our old state of being is no longer reflective of the person we are today. Energetically we no longer fit in our physical reality.

This can be an uncomfortable feeling – it feels as though we are sort of stuck in a mid-ground, waiting for the external world to catch up to the person we have been becoming on the inside.

Through this process we have to be patient. We have to hold our inner vision strong. We have to stay connected to who we know we are on the inside, even if we cannot yet see the evidence of it manifested on the outside.


Creating A New Life From the Inside Out

Manifestation is a process of bringing what is within, out. Of turning the energy within us – the energy of our ideas, desires and dreams – into realities. It requires us to hold our attention, energy and focus on what we want, rather than what we see.

As we hold that energy, embody that new state of being and keep our mind focused on what we wish to now create (rather than what has already been created) we can start to experience the physical manifestation of our new selves.

It is like a seed that has been planted in rich, fertile soil. It’s presence, power and beauty are not yet visible, but they lay within the seed as pure potential.

That seed has been sitting below the surface going through a process of metamorphosis as it prepares to break through the surface of the soil and emerge into the world as the glorious flower it is born to be.

It has been incubating, growing long strong roots down into the earth, drawing on the nourishment from the soil around it. Preparing.

And as it sits just below the surface about to break through, it suddenly feels the resistance of the soil above it, and perhaps it temporarily stops. Perhaps it feels stalled by the pressure above it.

And perhaps you do too.

Perhaps you know you have been working damn hard on your inner growth, and you know within yourself you are just about to break through the soil.

Maybe you know it is time to muster the courage for that final push through the fear, doubt and limitation. Maybe it is time to create the change that you desire in your external world, so that it truly reflects who you have now become.

Many of us are holding new energy within us, unsure what to do with it. Unsure how to bring it out into the world. We have been so busy tending to it, working on it, and incubating it on the inside, that now we are being asked to bring it out we may think,”What!? How on Earth do I do that?”


Start with Intuitively-Guided Baby Steps

So, when it comes to following your intuition you never know the full plan. You only receive the first step. This is where faith and trust come in – you may not always know why you are taking a certain step or how it fits into the bigger picture.

We have to surrender to our higher wisdom and allow ourselves to be guided from within. Led by the pull of our hearts. Shown what to do by the loving voice of our higher wisdom.

I was sitting in a meditation a few days ago, and I received some powerful guidance about some changes that I am now being guided to make in my business.

I remember receiving the guidance – it felt like a brick of truth landed deep in my belly. It hit me strong. It kind of floored me. But it contained the feeling that truth contains – it was clear, direct and neutral.

It felt like a deep knowing, a clear AHA, a realisation of my own inner truth that had been sitting within me for months, but which I had been too scared to listen to.

I was shown that it is time for me to make some changes. It is time for me to build a life and a business that reflects the woman I have grown into.

It is time to find the courage to let go of the old way, the old model, the old paradigm, to make space for something new and unknown.


Here are a few updates on some changes I feel to make;


1. Private Mentoring & Coaching with Me

For the past 5 years a huge part of my business model has been 1:1 work. I have coached over 1000 hours of sessions and worked personally with hundreds of men and women from countries all around the world. I feel so grateful and honoured to have fulfilled this dream as it is something that I honestly dreamt of for years.

But the feeling is now guiding me more in the direction of 1:many work, rather than 1:1.

I am unclear as yet whether I will still be offering private coaching in 2017 or not. It may just be in a new form (still waiting for the guidance on that one!).

But, if you have ever felt the inner pull to work with me 1:1, and if deep down you know that having someone guide you through your journey would be exactly what you need to create massive acceleration, then now is your time.

My signature coaching program is 5 months long, joining me now will take you and I right up to the end of 2016 together.

This is the perfect way to wrap up 2016 with a bang. The perfect way to receive the support, guidance and tools you need to release any remaining limitations, fears and struggles that are blocking you so you can leap into 2017 ready to embody your full potential.

Read more about my 1:1 coaching program here, or get started with a free Discovery Session.

Or if you would simply love a laser-focused single session, my Heart + Soul Clarity Sessions are on sale for $149 (valued at $220) until the end of August (before they are gone forever).


2. The 90 Day Transformation Project Ecourse

As of next year and moving forward I have been shown that my focus will be more on events, workshops, retreats, books, online courses and resources.

I want to take all I have learnt over the past 5 years and share it in a bigger and more expansive way. And in order to make room for these new creations, I need to release the old ones.

So in September I am opening registration for The 90 Day Transformation Project for the final time.

There have been several times where I have felt to discontinue this course, but I have continued to receive such incredible feedback on how powerful it is, and have also continued to receive requests to open registration.

The reason I feel to discontinue it after this year is simply because there is something new that wants to be created. And all new creations need space.

The content of this course is invaluable, but I am ready to birth something new. There is a new Ecourse which is desiring to be born and I have already started mapping it out. I need to make space for it, by releasing my old creations.

The course will begin on October 1st, and registration opens September 12th. But don’t worry, even if you register for the course now, you will still have ongoing access to all of the resources beyond this year.

Read more about the project, and register your interest here.


3. Live Events & Workshops

As I mentioned, part of the shift I am going through is all about bringing my messages to more people. Less 1:1 and more 1: many.

My feeling is that there will be many more events (both live in person around Australia, and online) in 2017. And I am ready to begin sharing my message in this way.

So, we are getting the ball rolling with  a live workshop in Sydney on August 28th.

The event is called Slow Down + Tune In and it is a workshop I wanted to run at the beginning of 2016 but the energy wasn’t quite right – but now, it is spot on.

I created Slow Down + Tune In to provide you with the space, guidance and opportunity to take some time out for yourself, and learn practical ways that you can support yourself to find peace and balance. You will come into closer connection with your heart, your inner wisdom and your true self, and be able to receive the guidance and clarity you are seeking.

Grab your ticket to Slow Down+ Tune In here.


4. My New Business & Soulful Sisterhood

A few months ago I came together with a powerhouse team of female entrepreneurs/biz mama’s/wellness coaches in a side-business that has brought so much more into my life than I could have ever anticipated. This has now become a big part of where I am wanting to place my focus for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

In all the years of working for myself (by myself) are few core things have been missing – support, sisterhood, connection and collaboration.

And this business has brought all of this into my life, and more.

Our team is growing at an epic rate, and I am looking for women (or men) who are ready to say yes to something new. If you would love to set up your own part-time business and create a life on your terms, while also receiving powerful mentoring and training from me and an inspiring team of women, then I would love to hear from you.

Shoot me an email me at [email protected].


We Are Closing Off an Old Chapter

This year (2016) is a planetary 9 year, which energetically is a year of completions. So it is highly likely that you will be feeling the desire to finish and end things and let go of old ways of being that you no longer wish to carry forward.

It seems the final months of this year are really about wrapping up an old chapter and beginning to implement some changes and new structures in preparation for 2017.

Remember birthing something new requires space. So if you are being guided to release old structures, creations or aspects of yourself, then trust that and let them go.

You are making room to create something new that reflects the new person you have become.

There is a lot of surrender required here. For many of us, this is not a plan we are creating, but rather one we are receiving.

If I have come to discover anything over the past few years of living from my intuition is that there is never a dull moment. It requires courage, surrender, faith and flexibility.

I am excited to begin to wrap up this old chapter of my business, create some space and begin working on some brand new creations for you in 2017.


Thank you for being a part of all I am creating.

Lots of love,

Connie x

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