Adore Your Cycle, Love Your Body & Honour Your Feminine Flow with Claire Baker (AR #54)

These days as women, our relationship with our bodies has become one of our biggest sources of struggle, and also one of our greatest opportunities for healing.

Personally, I spent years being at war with myself and with everything that came with being a woman. I hated the constant weight fluctuations, emotional ups and downs and the energetic rollercoaster. And more than anything felt that our menstrual cycles were a hindrance and inconvenience.

As a result, I went into many patterns of control in an attempt to gain power over my body and it’s continual inconsistencies.

It was not until I attended a workshop called Adore Your Cycle that my whole perception shifted – not only shifted, but was blown out of the water.

I walked out of this event with a newfound respect and reverence for what it means to be a woman. I finally understood the power of surrendering, flowing and deeply accepting my body and it’s cycles rather than being at war with them.

I was cracked open to a whole new level of love and appreciation for myself and my body, and felt a desire to learn to understand and support her in a deeper way than ever before.

I have been so impacted this new awareness and practise, that I felt moved to share this with to you too, through an Awaken Radio episode.

Today I am speaking with the creator and host of this powerful workshop Claire Baker who is a coach, writer and speaker helping women practise exquisite self-care and radical self-expression.

Today we will be diving deep into how you can understand and work with your bodies cycles, love and support yourself in a more powerful way and truly honour what it means to be a woman. I have no doubt you will gain so much from Claire’s wisdom, just like I did.


In this episode we cover;

  • Why our attempts to be healthy may begin innocently, but can become an obsession and a way that we manipulate and control our bodies.
  • How to soften our approach to food, health and our bodies and make it less about perfection and more about self-love.
  • What it looks like when fear is driving our food choices, and how to instead eat with loving intention.
  • Why developing a connection to and awareness of your menstrual cycle is the missing link to understanding yourself and healing your relationship with your body.
  • How to see stop seeing your menstrual cycle as an inconvenience and more as an opportunity to honour what it means to be a woman.
  • Why being a woman can at times make us inconsistent, illogical, indecisive, emotional and chaotic and how to stop judging ourselves for feeling this way.
  • The phases that our hormones and menstrual cycle undergo each month and how to best support and care for yourself through the 4 seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring) of your menstrual cycle.
  • The best self-care practices to support ourselves in our pre-menstrual (Autumn) phase, and why the foods or habits we use at this time can impact how our menstruation feels.
  • The power of planning and structuring your life, calendar and commitments around your own personal flow and cycle.


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With love,
Connie x

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