How To Manifest Your Dreams & Desires While Staying In Your Feminine (AR #101)

Many of us as women often experience a disconnection from our feminine energy when we are working towards what we want. Instead, rely too heavily on our inner masculine energy and we end up feeling exhausted, over-worked and burdened.

Or, we can go to the other extreme and be so embodied in our feminine that we are always focused on our feelings and going with the flow. Our energy is all in the space of desire and we are unable to ground this into tangible results.

Ultimately manifesting our desires is about creating a harmony between our inner masculine and feminine energies, as they both have their own role to play. This creates a beautiful combination of energy work and action.

In today’s episode of Awaken Radio, I share with you how to show up for your dreams and desires while also staying connected to and embodied in your feminine energy.

This way of manifesting and working towards what you want allows you to still be committed and taking action, but ensures your energy remains radiant, magnetic and deeply connected to your body through the process.

I hope that all of the tips and practices that I have to share in today’s are really helpful for you. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts & reflections on this episode

Listen To Episode #101:

In This Episode I Cover:

- Why it can be challenging to stay connected to our feminine while creating our dreams
- Why manifestation is a co-creative process
- How to open up and allow the Universe to support you
- How to know which parts of your manifestation you need to surrender and let go of
- What it means to shift into receptive mode and how to practise it
- How to embody and radiate a magnetic energy
- How to access your intuition when manifesting
- Why you need to balance doing with being, and action with receiving
- Why the feminine needs her divine inner masculine energy in order to manifest
- The importance of rituals, structure and systems in your life
- What it looks like if you are too in your masculine or too in your feminine when manifesting
- How to reconnect with your feminine after a period of being in your masculine
- How to bring more pleasure to your workday
- The importance of honouring your body and your needs despite your plans and goals
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You will be guided through practical masterclasses and powerful journaling exercises which will teach you how to manifest your dreams while feeling feminine, flowing and completely guided.

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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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