Heal Your Life By Balancing Your Chakras with Belinda Davidson (AR #21)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #21 Heal Your Life by Balancing Your Chakras with Belinda Davidson

I have no doubt that today’s Awaken Radio episode will completely expand your mind into a whole new world.  I am speaking with medical intuitive, author and public speaker Belinda Davidson about the power of energy, chakra cleansing and white light.

This conversation will bring together many ‘missing pieces’ for those of you who feel you have been trying to think positively and manifest what you want in your life without getting the results. You will learn the role that your energy and chakra’s play in healing yourself and your world, and why this is where you must begin if you want to create a life you love.

I also share my incredible experiences from Belinda’s White Light Healing Intensive that I recently took part in, along with her Guided Chakra Cleanse Meditation which I practise regularly to rebalance my energy and open up my chakra’s. I highly recommend you check out both of these resources!


In Today’s Inspiring Episode We Cover:

  • The power of white light healing and how it can create dramatic shifts within yourself and your life.
  • Why creating physical wellbeing has nothing to do with diet, exercise or mindset but has everything to do with the health of your chakra’s.
  • That if you want to manifest what you love, create beautiful relationships and have your life thriving, you must begin by working with you energy.
  • Understanding your 12 chakras, the area of life they correspond to, and what you experience when they are  not balanced.
  • How to uncover your soul purpose and discover what you are here to do in the world.
  • The starting steps you can begin to take right now to raise your vibration, cleanse your chakra’s and balance your energy.


 Listen To Episode #21 with Belinda Davidson:

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Love what you heard from Belinda? Find out more at www.belindadavidson.com or follow her on Facebook, or Instagram.

What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with us in the comments below.

Connie x

7 thoughts on “Heal Your Life By Balancing Your Chakras with Belinda Davidson (AR #21)”

  1. Thank you!
    Great interview
    I have been deciding whether to enrol in Belinda’s course, now I have a definitive Yes 🙂

  2. Loved this interview. I also did the white light over the weekend and had some amazing experiences. I felt so incredible waking on Monday after it all. Like something had shifted and was feeling a sense of excitement. I’m doing Belinda’s course and it’s wonderful. Love her work! x

    1. Yep, wasn’t it the most incredible energy Corona!? I loved it! Beautiful to hear your experiences and the powerful energy shift you felt x

  3. This is JUST what I needed to hear! I so need to “get over it and get on with it!” Love this move away from the mind and the whys and into the healing energy of it all and letting it flow. As a person who gets stuck in overanalyzing loops, this definitely is a huge game-changer! I purchased the cleansing mp3 and I’m looking forward to seeing how things change in the coming weeks! 🙂 Thanks so much Connie for being such a facilitator and always bringing such powerful tools and resources into my life (yourself included)! 🙂

  4. Connie. THIS.WAS.AMAZING.
    I have read a bit of Belinda’s stuff before but to hear the two of you get so in-depth in relation to energy was perfect.
    I love the idea of taking the hard work out of manifesting and simply focusing back on the root of it all – our Energy.
    Such a beautiful interview. Thank. YOU! xxx

  5. I loved listening to this show Connie 🙂 As soon as you guys started chatting I got tingles & absolutely felt the white light come in through my head and had that really deep meditation feeling, where your head gets pulled back a bit and feel cocooned in powerful energy column. Yum! I think I just got a healing on your blog, so thank you 🙂 <3 Interesting that Belinda teaches that it's definitley Chakras & Energy FIRST, and NOT mindset… xx

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