Work Less & Receive More

Over the past month or so, I have been dropping in to a space of surrender. This has been a practice of relinquishing control, releasing attachment to outcomes and allowing myself to be guided.

I have been putting my plan, my goals and my wants to the side. Instead, I am allowing my beautiful inner voice within me to lovingly whisper in my ear and tell me what is next.

To do this, I have had to take my attention off the external world a little, and re-focus my gaze on what is going on inside.

I am listening more. Receiving. Opening up. Allowing.

There is less action. Less doing. And I am working a whole lot less in my business.

I am playing more. Enjoying more. Feeling more.  Thinking less. Planning less. Organising Less. Flowing more. Breathing more. Being more.


What Lead me To This Place? 

A few months ago, life was going at a million miles an hour. I was frantic, stressed, overwhelmed and totally stuck in my head.

I had reached a place of total and utter burnout. I felt like I was working so hard, but not receiving the results I was aiming for.

+ I kept hitting roadblocks:  I seemed to be always getting in the way of my manifestations and nothing seemed to be flowing. I just kept encountering problem after problem

+ I was feeling  totally meh about everything: I was unmotivated, ambivalent and feeling a bit over it all.

+ I was so stuck in my head that I couldn’t switch off: Ever. Meditation was impossible. Sleeping was challenging. I was constantly wired.

+ I was trying so hard to make stuff happen: I felt like I was on a treadmill running at a million miles an hour and getting absolutely nowhere.

+ I had lost my passion for my work: I felt like I was going through the motions and I was struggling to remember WHY I was doing it


I am so grateful I was guided to attend an amazing retreat that thankfully snapped me out of this space and dropped me back in to the present moment and my true essence.

As soon as I returned from the retreat, I knew it was time to surrender.


I Decided To Stop Trying So Hard

+ I have been sitting in this new energetic space for well over a month now: As you may have noticed, I have been posting less content on my blog. I have been spending less time on social media. I have been saying yes to less projects.

+ Initially the surrender felt awful: My mind was telling me I was giving up. Quitting. That I was a failure because I couldn’t keep up. But at the same time it was incredibly freeing.

+ I have been allowing my self to sit in the space of non-doing: I have stopped forcing myself to take action in order to gain an outcome. I have been letting go of doing things I feel I ‘need’ to do and I have been allowing myself to follow what I ‘feel’ to do.

+ The external results I had been striving for have become irrelevant: Sure, my to do list has piled up, my inbox is bulging and new projects have been put on hold. But I don’t mind. All that matters to me, is how I feel.


Why Doing Less = Receiving More

The greatest illusion of surrendering is that when you stop doing, nothing happens. Or, when you stop forcing, then everything stops.

Sure, initially it felt that way. But as I have dropped through the layers of resistance and I have found my flow, everything has begin to shift. 

Opportunities, manifestations and powerful guidance are now following in to my life at an alarming rate. Synchronicities are at an all time high. There are miracles and magic in there air.

I am in awe of how things just been to be falling in my lap. All the things I had been working so hard for previously, are now just coming to me. Everything is unfolding effortlessly, beautifully and perfectly

I am doing less and I have never been happier. I am doing less and life has never felt so magical. I am doing less and suddenly so much is happening.


Because I am being ridiculously guided.


Turn Inwards For Guidance 

We are all being guided. We all have that soft loving inner voice guiding us in every moment. But when you are in the space I was in, you are going so fast that you do not even have a chance to hear it.

My practice of surrender has dropped me so powerfully out of my head and back in to my heart.

Through letting go of my plan and my way of doing things, I have created space for my beautiful inner wisdom to step in and guide me.

The more space you create, the louder and more frequent your inner whispers will become.

I have been sitting. Listening. Receiving. I feel so connected and supported right now.

I am trusting. I am trusting that all I need to do is stay connected to that feeling and the guidance will come. I just have to be patient and listen.

I am doing less of what I think I ‘need’ to do, and more of what I ‘feel’ to do. I am allowing love to guide my life.

And while I have released so much of my need to control,  I have actually never felt so empowered.

The power of the energy that is within all of us and that can guide is in any moment is phenomenal. We just have to be willing to let go, create space and release the need to do so much.

I feel that there are new things on the horizon and changes in store, but I am not exactly sure what they look like yet. I can sense that there are new things inside me that will soon, be ready to come out. I don’t know what they are, but I know they will be revealed to me in the exact moments that I need them. And I look forward to sharing them with you!


Can you relate to my struggle of working so hard to try to make things happen? What new practice are you willing to take on board to support you to let go a little? Share in the comments below


With love,

Connie x

17 thoughts on “Work Less & Receive More”

  1. Oh Connie! Yes, this is perfect timing. I have been feeling of late to slow down, have more ME time and stop running the hamster wheel and getting no where. The times I am just being, opportunities plop in my lap. Your post here just validates that intuitive guidance I am just tapping into. Thank you for sharing this honest side of you (as you always do)! Love you bunches! 🙂

    1. Beautiful Kibby! Yes, we when just “be” the opportunities definitely fall in our lap. Keep listening to your inner guidance as it is obviously giving you the exact message you need right now xx

  2. Gorgeous Connie. You know how I feel about surrender after our lovely chat that day. It’s such a life-changing lesson to learn. I love that you’ve embraced it and life is FLOWING. Amazing. My eBook on Surrender is almost done (sending it to you soon!) and one of the key practices for me stepping away from my to-do list and playing with spontaneity. As you say – going with what I feel to do instead of what I should do. Sometimes that means laughter, snoozing in the middle of the day, crying. Completely surrendering to the feeling of being and let go of doing.

    Thanks for your beautiful, insightful words.


  3. Oh babe, I needed to read this this morning! I’m currently working on my e-book for my blog and I went to sleep last night thinking “e-book, e-book, e-book” and I woke up this morning thinking “e-book, e-book, e-book”. But it’s just not happening. I’m just not feeling the FLOW. The more I try to force it, the more blocked I am feeling. So I went for a run and now I am going to get a massage and just let go. Today I am going to focus on how I want to FEEL instead. Thank you! x

    1. It is so beautiful you recognised this Claire. Our ego mind often hijacks our dream and makes it all about the outcome. While our heart simply calls us to write because we love to. Keep reconnecting with that inspired, loving feeling and allow it to flow out on to the page xx

  4. What a lovely thoughtful post! I am sure many of us can relate right now, myself included. We often forget that our jobs is not always to DO, but to BE. In our space of ‘being-ness’ our path evolves one step at a time. Often with far less effort and struggle, and often in ways we couldn’t have planned better if we tried anyway.For us strong minded peeps this can bring up so much resistance at first! Thank you for this reminder right now, a nugget of wisdom I have forgotten of late. Much love and many thanks 🙂

    1. Yes Ruth, I too have quite a strong mind, but I am learning to make my heart the master and my mind the servant!

      Thank you for your beautiful comment xx

  5. Ah yes, I can definitely relate to this! I’ve always found it so strange when people ask how you are and you reply ‘busy’, inevitably they will say ‘that’s good’. I’m trying to slow down as well, give myself space from the cult of busy-ness and allow myself to ‘sit in the space of non-doing’ (love that phrase!). Thanks for another thoughtful post x

    1. You are spot on Sophie! Our ego’s get a bit of a kick out of being busy, as it gives us as sense of significance and importance.

      It is beautiful that you will be practicing sitting in the space of non-doing. You will love how it feels xx

  6. Connie you hit the jackpot with this one! I have so been feeling a sense of meh lately and nothing has been going my way. My desire for my blog switched off and even cooking took a back-stand! This was a sign that everything was headed in the wrong direction. I took your advice and took a week to re-connect with myself, watched TV, read books and just had me time. Now I am excited to get going again. Thanks for the advice x

    1. Oh wow Laurye! How beautiful that you were able to experience such a profound shift by stepping away from everything and taking a breaking. Well done for loving yourself enough to listen to your self and take time out xx

  7. Great post – this is so true – sometimes people keep busy for the sake of being busy. With adjustments here and there it IS possible to reduce the work load without your world falling to pieces. This post is truly inspiring and encourages me to think outside the box. Thank you for your guidance!

    1. Yes, many of us are busy for the sake of it!! I have been in that space in my life too. It takes courage to be willing to let go of ‘doing’ and create some space, and you are right, you realise that everything actually doesn’t fall apart. Thanks for your comment Jessica xx

  8. Connie, what I find amazing is that the universe is giving me the message I need to read and hear a year later to the day. 5-21-2014 and this post is from 5-21-2013. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Thank you . Peace, love and continue light you. Thank you for sharing the message of hope after the lesson of struggle.

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