Let What You Do, Be An Overflow Of Who You Are

When there are shifts happening within you, it can be challenging to find words that articulate the inner experience you are undergoing. And so at the moment, my blog posts are taking me at least a full day to write. I used to be able to bang them out in an hour.

I am now feeling the desire to really explore the experience of writing. To revel in the process and let the words take form gently and slowly. I hold my fingers above the keyboard and pause. I tune in deep within me, using my breath to feel, sense and wait for the words to rise up into my mind.

This is a new experience for me, and one I am working on carrying through other areas of my life.

This is a practise of overflow. Where what is created outwardly through me, is a expression of what I first feel within me.

When you act from a space of fullness – of already feeling what you desire to feel through the outcome – your actions and words are infused with the fullness you feel. A powerful, abundant energy is weaved in to every creation.

This concept of overflow is potentially life-changing. It shifts how you feel, it brings you in to connection with all that you seek and it allows you to be a powerful force in the world.

So, here are a few ways to practise this beautiful principle:


1. Fill Yourself Up So You Can Overflow

The external world can not make you feel something you do not already feel within you, so it is your work to become the source of what you seek. This is about learning how to meet your own needs, listen to yourself and top up your inner reserves when they are running low. You are tuned in to yourself, your body and your feelings in a loving and supportive way.

As you become attentive to your own needs, feelings and inner sensations you learn how to support yourself, to give yourself love, care and attention and to help yourself feel safe, strong and secure.

To do this, I personally like to just check in with myself through the day and ask myself “How are you feeling right now?” I take a few deep breaths and do a little body scan to check in with whether my body is feeling relaxed and open or tight and constricted.

Depending on how I am feeling, I will also ask myself “What do you need right now?” and I will wait for my body to respond. Sometimes I need to take a break, to switch up the task I am working on to activate my creativity, to drink some water, to get some fresh air, to bust out some dance moves, or maybe I just need to breathe a little deeper.


2. Wait To Act Until You Feel Moved

I am typically a little trigger happy when it comes to action. As soon as an inspired idea drops in, or a new desire is born I have the tendency to jump straight in to planning mode to figure out my starting steps in turning it into a reality.

The danger in doing this is that you often act prematurely. Ideas, inspirations and desires need time to marinate, percolate and develop. Sometimes more pieces of the puzzle need to drop in before action can be taken.

When you wait to act, you let the energy grow, strengthen and build within you. You feel it’s power rising up. Your connection to this energy and the new possibility being born is enough for the moment, and you wait patiently for your action step to arrive.

The desire to start acting, creating or expressing becomes so strong you simply cannot say no. The energy becomes a force that pulls you forward and ensures every step you take is productive.


3. Catch Yourself Acting From Need, And Step Back

You may not even realise exactly what is driving and fuelling your actions, but there is a high chance a lot of it is coming from a space of need.  You desire to experience something that you feel is currently missing, to eliminate some feeling of discontent, or get an outcome you want.

Most actions are a means to an end. You may work because you need money. Exercise to try and remove the unhappiness you feel about your body. Enter relationships to fix the lack of love you feel within yourself. Strive for goals to make you feel fulfilled. Work harder in the hope you will feel successful. And the list goes on…

When you act from a space of discontent and need, you overflow that energy in to what you are creating. This is why things don’t work or you do not achieve the results you were hoping for.

So before you take action, ask yourself the question Why? Why are you going to the gym, going to that job, trying to find a boyfriend, eating that food, writing that blog post. What is driving you?


4. Revel in the Process

Make every experience sacred by revelling in the process. Make the journey you are on, just as special as the destination you want to arrive at. You will know if something is being created out of love and fullness or fear and emptiness based on your relationship with the process.

If you resist the process and want to rush through it, you are most likely acting with an agenda and the attachment to an outcome. But if you love the journey as much as the destination and experience joy, fun and fulfilment along the way, then you know it is an authentic action to take.

Notice those things that you try to rush through. Notice where you strive for an outcome and feel resistance with the process. Notice what you force yourself to do. Notice where you feel empty and discontent while you wait for your outcome to arrive.


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How do you feel about practising this principle of overflow? Share with me what you would love to take on board from today’s post.

With love,

Connie x

11 thoughts on “Let What You Do, Be An Overflow Of Who You Are”

  1. Connie,

    You are so right on! I resonate so deeply with this at the moment. I’ve been so sensitive to experiencing the JOURNEY versus PUSHING in ACTION and FORWARD MOMENTUM. Experiencing the journey is about leaning back, allowing oneself to receive all that one desires and then being PROPELLED forward by this overflow. Thank you for this post, Connie. Spot on!


    1. Yes, Paula you described it perfectly!! I love the concept of leaning back a little and then allowing the momentum of that desire within you propel you forward in to action. Gorgeous x

  2. Connie, you have a magical way of writing things that unlock something in my heart/soul/brain. You have such a unique way of looking at the inner workings of people. I follow many bloggers and coaches, but you are definitely in the top three of people who “get” what I’m needing (without even knowing me!). Hope you have a beautiful day 🙂

    1. Caylee thank you gorgeous. I endeavour to teach and explain things in a way that makes sense to me, and to have them be a reflection of how I live and apply something to my own life. It is beautiful to hear that it totally lands with you. Lots of love x

  3. “The external world can not make you feel something you do not already feel within you”
    Everyone repeats that the external world is a reflection of your internal world. Whilst I completely agree with the this it can get a little monotonous being told the same thing in the same words. I love the way that you have rephrased this to make it sound so much more empowering. Connie, what an awesome post! xxx

    1. I agree Fran, it is a tricky concept so sometimes we need to hear it explained in a few different ways to ensure it becomes something practical we can really apply to our lives. Big hugs to you x

  4. Thank you for sharing, Connie. I love reading your posts and newsletters and listening to your videos.
    It is a different approach.
    Sometimes I think that there is a very fine line between surrendering to the flow and procrastinating. How can I know?
    The interesting thing I discovered is the answer to the question: why do I go to work? I thought my answer would be money. But what came up was: to avoid what I really want to be doing but scared. Wow!
    I agree with enjoying the journey itself rather than trying to get to the end of this journey. A very good I dictator if what we are doing is what we really want/meant to be doing.
    Thank you once again.

    1. Hi Olya, I love that this post has really opened up some new awareness and reflections for you! Learning to follow the flow takes practise, but it is about learning to trust your feelings and intuition enough that if it says it is not time to take action, then you can place your faith in it completely. But when we are so used to forcing ourselves to do things we don’t want to do, this voice gets a little muddled! Big hugs to you x

      1. Thank you very much, Connie, for your reply. Yes so true. Something for me to explore and learn to actually hear when that voice is talking to me. Hugs x

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