Making Space To Call In The New

Before I start today’s post, give me a moment to breathe a sigh of relief. I am beginning to feel that something is shifting. New things are being called forth and amazing possibilities are being born. And without wanting to seem ungrateful – it feels about time!

My past few months have been big, to say the least.

Several significant relationships in my life ended, my home environment totally changed, many aspects of my business got a massive shake up, I was forced to let go of many ways of being and all in all life got turned on it’s head.

There has been change, upheaval, shedding, clearing out, speaking up, standing my ground, letting go, releasing and embracing what makes me uncomfortable.

There were times where things felt so intense that I wondered how I was going to get through it. But, you know what I am still here. I am still showing up and standing strong.

And despite all of the pain, I feel like my heart is more open that ever. 


Making Space

These months of clearing out been a profound experience of creating space. And I have been left with a lot of it. In fact my life is spaciousness galore right now!

I feel the space within me, and I see it in my world around me. This space has been created for a reason. It has been created to make room for what is true, real and right for me.

It is as though someone drove through my life with a bulldozer, and cleared out everything that was not meant to be there.  

Now all that is left is a big patch of fresh, alive, vibrant soil waiting for something to be planted.

Over the past few months, behind the scenes I have been sowing seeds, and I am finally beginning to see the fresh, green seedlings shooting through the surface.

And I can feel the shift. Can you? There energy has definitely begun to move in a new direction.


Calling In The New

As I dust myself off and stand back up, I am ready to face the next step of the challenge – calling in the new.

I am ready for the new shapes and forms that these areas of my life will take.

Some areas are undergoing make-overs while some areas are being completely re-born.

While the big picture is still being revealed to me, I feel an eager sense of excitement of what is about to come. I have no idea what it is, but I get the feeling it is going to be good.


New Projects Are on Their Way

Over the coming months you will see a lot of new things coming from this neck of the woods. There are surges of creative energy pumping through my veins and I am riding the wave at full force.

A few months ago, I have had numerous projects in the works which had to be sidelined and placed on hold while I navigated this turbulent time.

But there is new energy here to support them.

They are ready to move forward and I am itching to release them to you!


1. Meditation Album

The first sparkly new product you will see is a Meditation Album (which I hinted to you about on Instagram).

A few weeks ago I spent an awesome day at a recording studio recording gorgeous guided meditations tailored to the areas that I know many of us seek support with.

I am currently in the throws of mixing together my audio with some beautiful music and this should be ready to release in a matter of days!


2. My First Workshop

The second new-release is my first live event!

The desire to run these events have been bubbling inside of me for months, and I finally feel ready to say yes and dive in.

Sydney-siders pencil the evening of Friday the 6th of December in to your diary!

My intention is to run these events monthly and to create a space where we can regularly come together, experience a beautiful meditation and share some soulful wisdom. Each month I will have a different topic to discuss with you and I will also guide you through powerful practical exercises so you can get a tangible experience of what I am sharing.

The topic for the first workshop is Living A Heart-Driven Life and it is going to be such a beautiful conversation. Tickets will go on sale this week (and please note there are very limited numbers of them) so stay tuned!


And Keep An Eye Out For:

– A full make-over of

– New look + more frequent video blogs

– Changes to my facebook page  (hint: no more a life of perfect days)

– Several new online products + courses designed to open you up to new levels of self love, freedom + happiness

– Season 2 of Awaken Radio with a new look + feel and lots more delicious conversations

– Several upgrades to The 90 Day Transformation Project in 2014

– New Mentoring options for those of you wanting to work 1:1 with me


On that note,  I am also learning a lot about divine timing. So, while I would love to announce that you will be seeing these things soon, I am learning that not everything happens on my time! So, bear with me as I allow myself to be guided by the plan that is being unfolded through me.

All I can say is phew. It has been a wild ride over the past few months, but I am now finding my feet.

There are super exciting things in store and I look forward to sharing them with you.


Are you feeling the shift? Tell me what new things you are now calling in to the space that has been created!

With love,

Connie x

9 thoughts on “Making Space To Call In The New”

  1. Oh honey, I love you so much! This post is so beautifully written & I am so excited to see what unfolds for you over the next few months…whether it ends up being the things you have outlined above or totally different. As you know, there are big shifts happening for me too…exciting times ahead for sure. I can FEEL that something big is coming & I am ready & open to receive whatever it is. I can’t wait for your live event – sounds amazing! xoxo

    1. Thank you gorgeous! I am so thrilled you will be at my first event. I can’t wait to share the experience with you 🙂 And yes, many of us a sensing this big feeling that is calling us to step up and play in a much bigger and authentic way. Let’s go for it! xx

  2. Connnniiee!! I so wish I was in Australia to come to your very first live event! I would be there in a heart-beat! That’s so exciting! Congratulations on all the shifting you’ve been experiencing – rough but worth it! You’re a strong woman and an inspiration. I look forward to all these new things, and I’ll wait patiently on divine timing. 😉 Woot!

    1. Thank you Paula, would have loved to have met you at my event! Yes sometimes the shedding period is tough but what is birthed from it is always more than worth it. Would love to see you in Aus sometime!! xx

  3. Connie, beautiful Soul! I can’t wait for those changes to happen and more (!!!) vlogs to see&hear you and your words of wisdom! It’s a pity I do not live in Australia to support you at your very first live event! But I know it’ll be the beautiful beginning for something bigger and amazing! You’re such an inspiration, thank you for being here. Lots of love your way Darling! xx

    P.S. I loved loved the 90 day project vol 1, still working on some stuff, but it’s all thanks to you, Rockstar!

  4. There is something so refreshing about making space! Even if it is involuntary! Sometimes it feels like the dust will never settle, but when it does it allows us to see what is really important and a clear road ahead. Good luck with it all, Connie! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve x

  5. This is the 2nd time I’ve gravitated toward this post in the past few weeks, Connie; not surprisingly, being in the midst of my own earthshaking upheaval/clarifying/white-space-creating/heart-opening. It kind of snowballs, once you embrace the (inevitable) change and unknown, doesn’t it? As always, I love that you share every element of your experience, and I’m so excited for you. Sounds like you’re hand-picking with love what comes back in. Lucie xx

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