Clearing The Blocks To Receiving More

Many of us unknowingly block ourselves from receiving what we desire. We may hold beliefs, stories and fears that can actually energetically close us off from calling in what we want or cause us to sabotage our efforts.

In order to receive, we need to keep our energy aligned with what we want (tweet this)

We have to hold ourself in a space of feeling safe about receiving it, feeling deserving and worthy and having a sense of expectation that it is on it’s way to us.

We have to embody the energy of having it now and really integrate the energy of what we are wanting receive in to how we are feeling now, even before it arrives.

While it is wonderful and beautiful to be out in the world taking big, bold steps, you also need to balance that energy by being in a receiving space. This is more of an energy practice than an action practice.


Video: Clearing The Blocks To Receiving More

In today’s VLOG I dive deeper in to this concept of receiving and I share 3 powerful steps to support you in clearing the blocks to receiving more.

They are:

1. Get really clear on what you want to receive or call in (and then stretch it so it is even bigger)

2. Notice what discomfort, fears, stories or resistance arise when you think of having it, and then clear them.

3. Feel the feelings of having what you want now. Embody it, see it, feel it and open up to it so you feel completely comfortable with that new energy.


To support you with these steps I recommend using a few tracks from my meditation album Guided Meditations for Inner Transformation.

  • Use Track 5 “Embrace Your Emotions” to help you with clearing out those old, low level emotions that are blocking you.
  • Use Track 10 “Manifest Your Desires” to magnetise what you want towards you and embody the feeling of it now.

Click here to listen to track samples + grab your copy of the album 


I would love to hear your thoughts on today’s VLOG. Do you sometimes have feelings of fear or unworthiness arise around receiving what you truly desire? Share with me below.

With love,

Connie x


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  1. Had a listen to your track samples and now I’ve got to put your album on my crimbo list. Beautiful video as always – thank you =) xx

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