How I Called In A Healthy, Loving Relationship After 6 Years Of Being Single (#AR 100)

I am so excited to be bringing you my 100th episode of Awaken Radio today! Because it is my 100th episode, I wanted to make this a special one, a personal one and a juicy one for you.

In this episode, I open up to share with you more about my current relationship and how I was able to call in a really healthy, committed, loving partnership after 6 years of being single.

I unpack my journey of how I went from struggling in the area of relationships for years - always meeting the wrong men, looping around the same patterns and having a whole heap of intimacy blocks, childhood wounds and fears that caused me to continuously push love away - to where I am now.

In this episode, I take you through the healing work I did prior to calling in this relationship, the key mistakes I made when I was single that kept love away from me and the changes I made within myself to call in this relationship. I unpack it all in step by step detail for you. 

I also share with you how Jason and I met, what impressed me the most about him and how I navigated the really challenging early days of dating which allowed this to become a really solid and committed relationship. 

This episode is full of tips, practices and tools to help you move through the various ups and downs and challenges of calling in a healthy, loving relationship.

I hope it deeply serves you, and I hope you enjoy it!

Listen To Episode #100:

In This Episode I Cover:

- Why it took me so long to call in this relationship even though I was doing so much manifestation work
- Why building a healthy, loving relationship with yourself is the foundation for calling in the relationship you desire
- Why divine timing plays a role in when your partner comes into your life
- The deep inner healing work I did which prepared me for love
- How to uncover your childhood wounds that are playing out in your relationships as an adult
- The mistakes I was making with men that was causing me to receive less than I deserved
- The importance of balancing your inner feminine & masculine energy
- How getting really clear on what I wanted in a relationship changed everything
- The importance of letting go of relationships that are not in alignment
- How dropping into the energy of play, openness, flow and my feminine made me magnetic
- How Jason & I met and what the early dates of dating looked like
- The importance of staying open when dating and releasing your mental checklist
- How to build trust in your masculine partner
- The beauty and power of surrender and why it is not about being passive
- How to create commitment with a man whose core value is freedom
- How staying in my feminine and created space for him to lead our relationship
- How to reveal your emotions, wants and needs to your partner
- How I supported myself when my wounds or insecurities got triggered
- How I stayed connected to myself in the early dates of dating

Show Notes:

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With love,
Connie x

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