How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Funk & Come Back Into Alignment (AR #99)

There have been many times this year that I have found myself in a bit of a funk. I have felt flat, out of alignment, disconnected from myself and what makes me feel good, uninspired and just kind of...meh.

While we all know that we cannot rely on the external world to make us happy, it is undeniable that our mood and energy levels can be radically improved through doing things and having experiences that nourish us and fill us up.

With many of our usual routines and ways of living being uprooted and changed this year, it is at times, it is taking a lot of inner work to feel happy, aligned and empowered amongst the intensity and uncertainty.

So, if you have found yourself feeling kinda funky at different points of this year, I want to assure you that you are not alone. However, despite there being many justified reasons to feel this way, we also have to remember that how we feel is within our control.

Life is always going to be filled with uncertainty and factors we cannot control, and our point of power will always lie in what we make it mean, how we handle it, how we respond and how we love and support ourselves through it.

So, I wanted to dedicate today's episode to share some practical tools you can use to shift your state and come back into alignment.

I hope today's conversation provides you with some inspiration and ideas to help you get back to feeling like your happy, aligned self, regardless of what is unfolding around you.


Listen To Episode #099:

In this episode I cover:

+ Why the period of May-September is a potent time of inner transformation and how this has been impacting me personally.
+ The healing practices I implemented through July that have shifted so much within me.
+ What it means to be in a 'funk' and some indicators that you may have dropped into this space.
+ A journaling exercise to help you unpack what may be causing you to feel how you are feeling.
+ The importance of releasing self-judgment and using kindness and self-compassion to create change.
+ Why it doesn't matter how often you fall out of alignment, but rather how quickly you come back.
+ How to get back in charge of your emotional state, regardless of what is happening around you.
+ Journaling exercises to shift your focus off what you don't want and onto what you do want.
+ How your physiology impacts your mindset, and what movement is a powerful tool to change your state.
+ How to re-prioritise your pleasure if life has become dull and monotonous.
+ The power of getting into action and how this unblocks stagnancy.
+ Channelled guidance for the month of August that will help you move through the month with more ease, trust and peace.


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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x



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