New Beginnings, Upleveling & Aligning With What You Want (AR #85)

Now that the dust has settled after Eclipse season, and we have completed a big process of releasing the old and clearing space for the new,  we are finally ready for the new chapters that await us.

All year we have been in a transformative and sacred process of clarifying what we truly want. We have found this clarity first through clearly seeing what we do not want, and we have spent much of this year doing the work to release it and let it go.

We have been making space for the new that we want to call in. These new desires have been incubating within us for months now, and we have been preparing to receive them. For many of us, they are desires that will help us upgrade and uplevel our lives and allow us to experience more abundance, joy, love, fulfilment and happiness.

We are being encouraged now, to really start to stretch our minds and allow ourselves to dream bigger. The new desires that await us have the potential to bring us experiences that we have never had before. We have the opportunity to step into new territory and embark on brand new chapters.

Between now and the end of the year, I feel we are in a process of both continuing to clarify what we truly want for this next chapter of our lives, and we are also laying foundations (both within us and around us) for these new dreams to stand on.

A big part of this upleveling, is doing the inner work to upgrade your mindset, your energy, your self-talk and your beliefs so that you can receive in bigger ways, and expand into new possibilities. This is our preparation work right now.

So I felt inspired to jump on the podcast today and share a little more with you about this. I felt to offer some guidance and tools around how to move through this uplevel process, do the inner work to align with what you want, and prepare for the magical new beginnings that are ready to flow into your life.


In this episode I cover;

  • Why it is time to dream up new possibilities, ask for more and think in bigger ways.
  • How to use all of your experiences from this year, to get clear what you want next.
  • Why the people who are triggering you right now are helping you clarify your desires.
  • How to step into the ‘next level’ version of yourself.
  • Why all of the changes you are craving must begin within.
  • What is means to align with what you want, and how to practise this.
  • The power of preparation and becoming energetically ready to receive your desires.
  • The importance of laying strong foundations to support your new dreams.
  • Why even taking one small step each day, can create radical change in your life.


Listen to Episode #85


Resources I Mention:

Lee Harris

Awaken Radio Episode #81: Navigating Change, Transition & The In-Between.

Awaken Radio Episode #84: Surrendering To The Divine Plan


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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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