Surrendering To The Divine Plan (AR #84)

As the year progresses, it is becoming clear that 2018 is definitely a year of transition; a year of transitioning out of our old selves, our old lives and our old ways of being, and into brand new ones. A big part of this transition process is about surrendering, trusting the process, and working in with the divine plan and the divine timing of things.

When we are moving through big, sacred transitions, timing is everything, and the timing is not always something that is within our control. Instead, this timing is being governed by the divine plan of our lives that is organising and orchestrating everything we need, at the exact time we need it.

Working with the divine plan requires a lot of trust and surrender. On some level, it is where we hand over the idea that we are in full control of our lives, and instead we allow a higher energy – be it our higher self or our soul – to guide our lives.

This process asks us to trust that there is a larger part of us that can see the big picture. There is a part of us that knows what is right for us, and is constantly trying to lead us to it. This higher part of us communicates to us through our intuition, and so following the divine plan is about listening to our inner guidance and courageously following where it is asking us to go.

Living in alignment with this divine plan will often mean letting go. Letting go of what life can see no longer serves us, or which we have outgrown. Letting go of ideas, plans or desires that we are fixated on or attached to, and allowing life to show us what is truly right for us.

And while this is a sacred and beautiful process, it is not always easy to navigate. Releasing our plan and following this invisible divine plan can be hard. Relinquishing control is big work. Surrender is not always smooth sailing, and trusting your inner guidance isn’t always easy.

So, I decided to dedicate a whole Awaken Radio podcast episode to this topic, to support you as you navigate this process.

In today’s conversation, I talk further about what it means to live in alignment with the divine plan, and practise deep trust so that we can be guided. I share how this process is unfolding for me personally, and how I am moving through it. I also offer guidance, new perspectives and some additional tools that I hope will allow you to see a greater sense of trust in the process, and be divinely supported as you move through big periods of change.


In this episode I cover;

  • How I am personally surrendering to the divine plan, and why I have had to practise a lot of courage and trust.
  • The evolution of my soul’s purpose, how it is changing and the way this is impacting my work in the world.
  • What the divine plan is, and how this is different to ‘our plan.’
  • The importance of listening to your intuition and inner guidance, rather than your mind.
  • Why letting go of the old is often a key part of following the divine plan of your life.
  • The real reason that your deepest desires aren’t manifesting, and why you sometimes have to wait for them.
  • Channeled guidance that I received from one of my key spirit guides about divine timing and the divine plan.
  • What your true soul purpose is.
  • Why you need to detach from the outcome and focus more on the journey.
  • What it really means to practise surrender, and why is not about being passive or powerless.
  • How to balance surrender and action, and why working with the divine plan still requires action.
  • The difference between forced action and inspired action.
  • Plus, I share exciting news about the September round of my course Slow Down & Tune In.


Listen to Episode #83


Resources I Mention:

Awaken Radio Episode #81: Navigating Change, Transition & The In-Between.

Slow Down & Tune In



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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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