Feel Your Feelings & Honour Your Emotions (AR #79)

Last week under the energy of the Leo Full Moon Eclipse, I found myself hit with a big wave of heaviness and emotion. I felt flat. I felt tired. My head felt foggy and muddled.

I wanted to tune in for inner guidance to try to get clarity on what was unfolding for me. I wanted to know what my feelings were related to and why they were there. I wanted to shift the energy that felt like it was holding me back.

And so each morning I would sit in meditation with my journal and I would try to receive guidance. I would try to reach for the higher vibration of my higher self. I wanted to feel reconnected to lightness, to a feeling of expansion and inspiration.

But there I was in a complete state of resistance. I was fighting with what I was feeling. I was wanting to change, fix it and control it. I wanted to rush along to the outcome – the outcome where I would have my lightening bolt insight and could get on with moving forward again.

I was trying to make my insight arrive on my time. I was trying to control my inner guidance. I was trying to be in charge of my body and my emotions.

Without realising I was totally resisting what was arising within me. Judging it as being bad, negative and uncomfortable and wanting to shift out of it as soon as possible.

Each day I was using my meditation and journaling to try to get the outcome I wanted, rather than allowing it to be what it needed to be. I was trying to move through the emotions rather than experiencing the emotions for what they were meant to be and what I was meant to experience from them.

What we need to realise is that nothing ever goes wrong. The days that we feel flat or heavy are not bad. The days we feel confused or stuck and not indicators of stuffing up and getting it wrong. It all serves a purpose. And part of being human means being willing to full experience it all.

Because your body holds messages and your emotions hold information. There is a reason a particular energy, feeling of sensation is arising.

And it is our job to listen. But not listen from our mind, We have to feel it.

So that is what today’s Awaken Radio is all about. It is an invitation to let yourself feel in deeper ways, hold space for your emotions and be with your discomfort. I encourage you to step deeper into surrender, by fully allowing, embracing and accepting both what is arising within you and your life.

I hope that you enjoy this conversation today, and that it supports you to show deeper love and care for yourself, and move through challenging emotions or experiences with grace and ease.


In this episode I share;

  • How trying to fix, shift or change how you feel may be making things worse.
  • Why ‘negative’ emotions need to be fully felt, honoured and experienced.
  • Why all of your bodies sensations contain precious messages for you.
  • The power of honouring your emotions, and holding space for yourself to fully feel them.
  • How the judgment of your feelings blocks your healing.
  • The biggest fear that may be stopping you feeling your feelings.
  • How to process heavy emotions without getting lost in them or having them overtake you.
  • Why you need to support yourself with deep self-care, compassion, gentleness, and love.
  • Why feelings will lighten and dissipate the more that you feel them.
  • The importance of diving into your discomfort.
  • What it means to practise surrender and how it will help you experience greater levels of peace, ease and flow.
  • How to surrender to experiences that are painful, difficult or challenging.
  • The power of acceptance and allowing of what-is, and why it is the key to healing.


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With love,
Connie x

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  1. Hi Connie,
    This was the first episode of your’s that I have listened to. Thank you, thank you, a 1000 times thank you! It was the right time for me to hear this ????

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