The Practice Of Creating Space

I describe the feeling of creating space, as a sense of being able to breathe. Deeply. To me, it feels expansive, open, flowing and light. It is a delicious and freeing sensation that comes from allowing yourself to be squarely grounded in the present moment.

Reflections From My Oneness Retreat

About a week ago, I headed off on a 5 day Oneness Retreat, and I have to be honest with you – I really didn’t want to go. I had become so consumed with my business, my to do list and my endless stream of mental chatter that I felt afraid to let it go. […]

Don’t Take Action Unless You Do This First

I am a real do-er. I love taking action. I love creating results and outcomes. I get a massive kick out of it. However, lately I have been crossing the line between taking beautifully aligned actions steps, and taking an excessive amount of action to the extent that I am burning myself out. Yep, I […]

How To Hear Your Inner Guidance

I made a commitment to myself recently, to strengthen my connection with my inner guidance. In the past, I had a tendency to only draw on this precious wisdom when I thought I needed it. Most of the time I felt pretty content living from my head, and it was only when my rational mind […]

Are You Hiding In A Shadow Career?

As soon as I read Turning Pro by Stephen Pressfield I knew I had to write this post. This post is for anyone who feels they are working in a job that is not their true calling. Do you know deep inside that there is something else you would love to do,  but you feel too […]

Playing Big (From The Heart)

There is a big difference between playing big from your head and playing big from your heart. Playing Big from your head is where you try to make shit happen, force outcomes to unfold and control circumstances so they go your way. Often this comes from a fear driven energy.

Witnessing Fear & Creating Miracles

I rarely read books from start to finish. I tend to open them up at a section, read a few pages, get what I need and then move on. When my eagerly anticipated delivery of May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein arrived I initially jumped in to doing the same thing. I flipped through it, read […]

Finding The Courage To Follow Your Heart

I think there are two ways of determining if you are ‘following your heart’. The first is whether or not you are following the desires that your heart is calling you towards, and the second is if you living in your heart. Being in it. One is about the actions you are taking and one […]

10 Keys To Creating An Amazing Relationship

Now, just because I am writing a post called “10 keys to creating an amazing relationship” does not mean that my relationship is necessarily perfect. I am not an angelic girlfriend by any means. But I have done a lot work over the years on this area of my life and as a result I […]

Reflections On Being Real, Raw And Vulnerable

Oh vulnerability. It is the most beautiful quality that a woman (or anyone for that matter) can embody and express. It is the energy that creates connections, opens hearts and facilitates love. It makes life real, deep and delicious.

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