How I am Changing My Relationship With Money

Ever since I began working for myself my relationship with money has totally changed. Not because I have tried to make it change, but simply because it has had to. When I was employed, I had a set salary, which equated to a set monthly paycheck that was delivered to my bank account on the […]

Living From The Heart with Monica Kade (AR #01)

Today I have some incredibly exciting news that I am so pumped to share with you. I want to introduce you to my new radio show, Awaken Radio.  The idea for this show came to me a couple of weeks ago after realising how much I loved spreading empowering messages through speaking.

It Only Works If You Work It

These days with the help of things like google, youtube and online blogs we have a wealth of transformative content at our finger tips. The quality of the information that we can receive by simply going online has never been so high. It is easy get caught up in this world of reading, learning and […]

3 Steps To Being Bigger & Receiving More

On Sunday night I ran my final Live Call for current participants of The 90 Day Transformation Project. I was talking to them about the topic of playing big, but our conversation was not about trying to do more, work harder or strive for bigger goals. Rather it was about being bigger.

Re-Define Your Identity

Before you begin reading this post, I want you to ask yourself this one question and notice what arises in you. Who am I? Based on your answers, notice where you find your identity. Do you find your identity in what you do?

Returning To Why

Over the past few days I have been feeling a strong yearning to reconnect with the why behind what I do, and really tune in to see where I have been deviating from this. While I know I love what I do, there are times when the love gets squeezed out of it. I have […]

Get Out Of The Way Of Your Manifestations

Over the past few months I have had several beautiful dreams of mine come to fruition and manifest from visions and feelings in to my tangible reality. Some of them have been external manifestations such as moving home, seeing my business grow to new levels or experiencing big financial shifts. Others have been more subtle […]

From Force To Flow

I am going to be honest. There has been a little bit of crazy energy flying around inside me lately. I have been feeling an inner tug of war that has on one hand trying to get me to speed up and race ahead, while the other feeling has been to slow down and find […]

Overcoming The Seeking Trap

We all have a yearning to feel deeply fulfilled in our lives. But one of the biggest traps I see my clients fall in to (and which I got caught up in myself for years) is looking for that fulfilment externally. When this happens, we get caught in the pattern of seeking things from the […]

Move Bravely Beyond Self Doubt

Phew! I have been in a creative whirlwind over the past few weeks. New ideas have been flooding in and I now have a range of new projects on the go. Some are only in early stages, while others are drawing to completion. I have been finding myself really flowing lately. Flowing with the energy […]