Step Into Your Power & Ditch The Victim Mentality (AR #69)

I spent the weekend just passed immersed in a transformational training weekend with two incredible teachers and thought-leaders Preston Smiles & Alexi Panos.

I haven’t stepped into an intensive event like this in years, but I felt called to open my mind, be the student and shine a bright spotlight upon my inner self. 

I am so grateful I did!

This experience showed me that there is always something new to discover about yourself. Always another layer of limitation to peel back. Always another level to step up to. Always someone ‘ahead’ of you that you can learn from. 

I truly discovered so many new things about myself and illuminated many old patterns that were still running and were totally holding me back. One of them was tendency to drop into victim mode when life got tough, rather than fully stepping into and owning my power. This is a pattern that can play out without us even realising, and it can be a huge way that we subconsciously sabotage our lives. 

So I decided to jump into it on Awaken Radio and explore it further, so that hopefully you can gain more awareness of how it might be playing out for you, and also to share with you some beginning points you can practise to shift out of this pattern, and back into your power.


In this episode I explore;

  • The signs and indicators that we are living in a victim energy and giving our power away.
  • My personal story of how a I uncovered a disempowering pattern from my childhood that was still ruling me and sabotaging my life.
  • How our victim patterns actually serve us by keeping us safe, and allow us to play small.
  • My favourite journaling prompts to help you uncover the key reasons, justifications and excuses that are currently blocking you.
  • The beginning steps for coming back into your personal power.
  • The importance of making a deep whole-heart commitment to what you want and not letting anything stop you.
  • Why you are never really stuck, and how to begin creating change and opening up new possibilities so that you can move forward.


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Resources I Mention

Preston Smiles

Alexi Panos

The Bridge Experience


What was your biggest insight or realisation from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

3 thoughts on “Step Into Your Power & Ditch The Victim Mentality (AR #69)”

  1. Connie this episode is so so so good I have no words to describe it. It resonates with me a lot, I play this victim mentality when I am too scared to show up and change what I don’t like. It’s much easier telling myself the story “I can’t because….” rather than commit myself to a real change.
    Connie, how do you balance discipline vs doing what it feels right at the moment? Or is this another version of the same story we tell ourselves?
    Thanks a lot ????

  2. Hi Connie. Thank you for today’s podcast. My “I can’t because…” is always “…I don’t have enough money” and “…I don’t have the energy” to make the changes I want in my life. I’ve been practicing the abundance and law of attraction way of thinking and know that when I am living the life that I want, my energy will increase. I’d be interested to know how to overcome these ‘hurdles’. I’m inclined to throw caution to the wind and leave my current job, BUT 😉 what about my steady income, bills to pay, etc? I end up feeling very stuck.

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