How To Break Free From The Comparison Trap (AR #68)

Are you getting caught in patterns of comparison which leave you feeling stuck, full of self-doubt and like you are not good enough? This is a struggle many of us are having these days in both life and business with the rise of social media and the increase of the number of platforms available which allow us to become wrapped up in other people’s lives.

One of the key triggers for comparison is spending too much time looking outwards at other people’s business, lives and creations. The more we get lost ‘out there’, the more disconnected we become from ourselves. The more we fill our minds with content, images and information, the less able we are to hear our own heart and inner guidance. And the more we see the ‘perfection’ projected by others, the more inadequate we feel about who we are.

This is a pattern that can have a crippling effect on our self-expression, creativity and our happiness. It can create anxiety, feed feelings of unworthiness and cause us to give up on our dreams as we think that it has already all been done (and in a way better way than we could ever do it).

In today’s podcast I dive into all of this and more. I share 4 powerful ways that you can transform and break through the comparison trap and begin honouring your self, valuing your gifts and moving forward towards your dreams.


In this episode I discuss;

+ Why comparison is a bigger problem now, than ever before.
+ The importance of ‘putting the blinkers on’ and staying focused on your own journey and vision.
+ Why you need to stop consuming external content and information and tune into your inner wisdom instead.
+ Why self-love is necessary to heal comparison.
+ How to stop copying others and get clear on what your unique desires and gifts are.
+ Why I believe your only job is to ‘follow the inner call of your own unique soul’ (and what that even means).
+ The power of self-trust and surrender in the creative process.
+ The importance of valuing progress over perfection.
+ Why the people who trigger your comparison-itis, are actually your greatest teachers.
+ The need to take people off pedestals, and stop minimising yourself against them.
+ Some powerful journaling practices you can use to shift out of comparison right away.


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What was your biggest insight or realisation from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

2 thoughts on “How To Break Free From The Comparison Trap (AR #68)”

  1. Hi Connie,

    I just wanted to shout out a big THANK YOU for all your amazing work. I’ve recently discovered your wonderful podcasts and started listening. The content you create is, honestly, the best I’ve seen. I’m entirely grateful for uplifting, giving me the courage to continue my pursuits and find my own voice. So thank you again!



  2. Comparing my life to others becomes overwhelming. As I see my ex moving on, I can’t help but ask myself what makes him better? As I see others excel in my work environment I ask what is he doing to gain so much? Lately I’ve been focusing on the basics…Live my life, leave nothing for an excuse, create bigger goals….get busy and find my rai·son d’ê·tre

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