Moving Through Fear & Becoming Brave With Katie Dean (#AR 82)

Most of us find fear quite a challenging emotion to work through and move beyond. Typically when fear arises, our tendency is to pull back, stop, hesitate, close off, shut down or even run away. We may go into patterns of avoidance to distract ourselves, rather than having the courage to face it.

But in today’s episode of Awaken Radio, you are going to discover a new way of moving through fear. You will learn the power of learning into your fear, and shifting your perspective about it. You will no longer see fear as a bad thing, but as an opportunity. An opportunity to be brave.

My guest today is the perfect person to help you do this. Katie Dean is the author of the book Becoming Brave – a radical guide to turning fear into bravery. Katie shares her messages, her learnings and her journey in such an honest, authentic and vulnerable way that allows her to be a deeply relatable role model of what is possible.

In today’s episode Katie and I explore how to change your relationship with fear. This is not about trying to eliminate it or make it go away, but to change how we respond to it and step into it and through it with a brave heart.

Katie will gently and lovingly encourage you to lean into your fear. To listen to it. To pay attention to it. because your emotions hold messages for you, and as Katie so beautiful says – fear is just an opportunity for us to be brave.

Katie and I also talk about how to work through anxiety, the fear of not being good enough and the judgment of others. And we explore how to follow those deep intuitive nudges and inner knowing’s even when they are scary or filled with risk.


In this episode we cover;

  • How Katie uncovered the ways in which her life was being ruled by fear, and why it inspired her to write the book Becoming Brave.
  • The power of vulnerability, sharing our mess and telling our stories, and how it heals patterns of shame.
  • Why all emotions and feelings are storytellers, messages and signals that contain opportunities for healing.
  • Why we don’t need to fix our ‘negative’ feelings, or rush through them, but instead we need stop, lean in and to listen to them.
  • Katie’s personal journey with anxiety and how she changed her relationship to it.
  • Practical and powerful tools and strategies to work through feelings of anxiety, fear and panic.
  • How to handle inner beliefs and stories of not being good enough.
  • What it means to become brave, and why your fears are an opportunity to become brave.
  • Katie’s bravest moment, and how it changed the course of her life.
  • Why we need to lean into our fear because it is a sign we are on the right path.
  • How to recognise your intuition, trust it’s guidance and be brave enough to follow it.
  • The sneaky way we ignore and suppress our inner wisdom through positive thinking and spiritual tools.
  • The importance of honouring the process and not rushing your intuitively guided decisions.
  • The areas of Katie’s life that she is personally growing into and expanding through at the moment.


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