The Power Of Letting Go: How To Release The Old & Expand Your Life

I came home from yoga last night, and jumped straight onto the podcast as I felt a strong desire to speak to you about letting go. I had walked home from class under the energy of a powerful Super Full Moon – our biggest and brightest in nearly 70 years, and it’s energy deeply inspired me.

As I share in the podcast below, Full Moon’s can stir up a lot of emotion, and they also help illuminate what we need to let go of from our lives. This has meant that I spent a lot of last week filled with emotion and anxiety, while at the same time receiving some lucid clear insights about where in my life I need to be letting go and releasing the old.

Much of the guidance I was receiving in my journaling sessions, was around expansion, and the expansion that my life is ready to take. In order to grow to new levels we must first be willing to release what is holding us back. And I received very clear guidance around what was clogging up my energy, weighing me down and keeping me small. So it was time to face it, feel it and release it.

And this is very much what I felt to talk to you about on the podcast, which ended up being not one, but two episodes devoted to this topic.

In the first conversation, I speak a lot about becoming aware of where we are putting our energy, and how to release energy leaks, become away of where energy isn’t flowing, and also clean up energy from our past that is still weighing us down.

In the second conversation, I felt that I wanted to share some more practical tools with you. So I decided to guide you through 3 powerful practices and rituals that I use in my own life to help me let go, lighten my energy and expand my life.

I truly hope these conversations support you. We are in a transformative time on our planet, and we are being guided to courageously shed what is not aligned with who we are destined to become. So tune in, dig deep and embrace the powerful practise of letting go.


In Part One, I Cover;

  • Why many of us struggle with letting go, and how we can instead embrace it as a powerful part of our growth & expansion.
  • The signs you can look for which will indicate that you need to let go.
  • How you may be leaking your energy by staying in commitments that your whole heart is not invested in (and why we must clean this up!).
  • How fear causes us to cling to things that are no longer right for us, and why we must have the courage to follow our intuition instead.
  • How to resolve old relationship issues where you are still holding resentment, hurts or baggage.
  • Why it is time to create a new vision for your life, and release anything that is not in alignment with where you want to go.


Listen In:

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In Part Two, I Cover;

  • Why letting go is not an overnight process but requires patience and courage to gradually peel back the layers of our old patterns.
  • 3 powerful practices and rituals that you can use to support your process of letting go.
  • The importance of putting your focus on what you want to create in your life, rather than focusing on what you don’t want.
  • My process for releasing the old patterns, beliefs, habits and stories that are holding you back.
  • How to use energy work to heal old relationship issues, release hurt and resentment and practise forgiveness.
  • Why every relationship is here to teach you, and how to uncover the lessons.
  • The power and importance of diving into your discomfort and embracing your emotions.
  • How to move through your feelings, and clear blocked energy from your body.


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What are you going to take on board from these episodes? What do you feel needs to be released and what are you ready to let go of? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

4 thoughts on “The Power Of Letting Go: How To Release The Old & Expand Your Life”

  1. I really enjoy listening to you speak about the issues most of us go through and fail to realize what is going on with our inner selves. I remember the first time i came across your page and I listened to what you had to say. Your words broke down everything i was feeling and going through at that time. I was so overwhelmed and at my wits end with a man that i was seeing. Your words gave me the courage i needed to let go of the illusion that i was trying to cling to. After i heard what you had to say i let go and you know what i never felt better. Thank you for your words and for sharing what sometimes some of us cannot translate into words. Also, your voice is soothing, kind and it makes it easy to listen. Thank you

  2. This was a great podcast on letting go and has helped me see that I may still be holding onto things that I thought I had dealt with in the past.

    I am going through some massive transformational shifts at the moment but timing is a huge factor for me. I am moving on and yet I have committed to physically staying put for another month to honour a contract. My problem is this, I feel I am procrastinating around putting energy into the move because I need to focus on remaining present and honouring the moment before embracing the new.

    So my question is am I being too hard on myself trying to embrace the new while the old is still leaving or am I focusing too much on the old and not enough on the new?

    I am very interested to hear your thoughts!
    Thanks again for your podcast 🙂

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