Boundaries, Self-Honouring & Overcoming People Pleasing (AR #105)

In today’s episode, I dive into a raw and honest conversation about boundaries and I share some of my current challenges in this area.⁣

I talk about the importance of clearly communicating our boundaries so they are not just 'unspoken expectations' that when broken leave us feeling resentful and unsupported.

And I dive into the reason why many of us struggle with implementing boundaries which stems from our learned patterns of people-pleasing, seeking external love, putting others before ourselves and needing to be liked.⁣

This conversation is about practising self-love and self-honouring, valuing yourself and having the courage to prioritise your wants and needs. ⁣

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In This Episode I Cover:

- What it means to honour yourself and how to practice this
- Why our boundaries are our responsibility
- The danger of holding unspoken expectations
- How to get clear on the boundaries you want and need to set
- The importance of speaking up and having uncomfortable conversations
- How patterns of people-pleasing stop you from implementing boundaries
- Practising self-forgiveness
- How to begin honouring your own feelings and needs
- Breaking the cycle of self-abandonment
- Indicators that our boundaries have been broken
- The power of your anger and why it needs to be honoured
- Using your inner masculine energy to implement boundaries
- Why honouring yourself inspires others to do the same

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With love,
Connie x

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