Breaking Free From Perfectionism (AR #106)

Today I am diving into a conversation about perfectionism because if I were to be completely honest, this is something I am really navigating at the moment.

Perfectionism has been playing out in my business in a big way lately and it has been stopping me from expressing my messages and sharing my creations.

Breaking free from perfectionism is not always easy, so I wanted to jump on the podcast and share some of the practices I have been working with to help me.

Healing this pattern requires us to face our fears of being imperfect and not good enough, detach from the outcome, release external validation and instead return to the joy and inner fulfilment of what we are doing and creating.

Listen To Episode #106:

In This Episode I Cover:

- How perfectionism blocks our authentic self-expression and creativity
- Returning to your joy and why is the key to getting unstuck
- Being guided by your inner fulfilment rather than external validation
- How to embrace your imperfections, mistakes and messiness
- Why releasing perfectionism is a journey of self-love
- How to uncover the deeper wound and fear that is driving your perfectionist tendencies
- Taking your focus off the outcome and return to loving the process
- Untangling your worth from what you do or achieve
- Reconnecting with the essence of your inner child
- The power of embodying playfulness and dropping self-judgement

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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

2 thoughts on “Breaking Free From Perfectionism (AR #106)”

  1. Dear Connie

    Thank you for sharing your views and experience over this topic. I am also going through spiritual healing process. It has been very overwhelming to go through it all alone by myself without any support but your podcasts helped me alot to figure out what is going on inside me. You gave words to my experiences and set direction to move ahead.

    I wish you all the best for your future ventures. I love to hear your soothing voice.


  2. This was a great podcast Connie, as always. Last year during the onset of corona I had the opportunity to spend time doing my hobbies, such as baking. I baked for neighbors and friends for their birthdays and then started to slowly get requests from other people outside of my circle. ????????. Many suggested that I open a cake business, but as soon as I started to focus on having to make me cakes perfect, I started to actually avoid baking and it would actually give me anxiety! I guess my biggest fear is people no longer wanting to buy my cakes if I don’t make them look or taste perfectly, and I would lose clients and my business. That the news would spread about the quality of what I bake, which is something I feel is hard to redeem. But your podcast has really given me a shift in perspective, thank you for that. ☺️

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