6 Self-Care Practices & Rituals To Work With In 2021 (AR #104)

Working with regular self-care practices and rituals is a powerful way to nurture yourself, connect in with your feelings and needs, and fill yourself up from within.

These regular and consistent rituals can support you in feeling grounded and clear and can serve as anchor points when you are feeling overwhelmed and out of alignment.

Personally for me, working with regular practices and rituals like this is the cornerstone of my self-care and form a really important foundation of my mental and emotional wellbeing.

So, today on the podcast, I am sharing with you the 6 key rituals and practices that I will be working with in 2021. I dive into each of these practices in detail and share how you can use them to support yourself throughout the year.

This year, I have chosen to work with practices and rituals that support both my inner feminine and masculine energy and help create harmony between the two.

This allows us to have both our feminine energy feel nurtured, embodied and expressed while also bringing in masculine clarity, structure and routine to help us feel grounded.

Listen To Episode #104:

In This Episode I Cover:

- How to choose the right self-care practices for you, rather than following what you think you should be doing, or what others are doing.
- The power of choosing practices that support both your inner feminine and masculine energies
- How to design a morning practice that deeply nourishes you
- Why it is ok for your morning practice to look different each day
- How to use embodiment practices and your sensuality to deeply connect with your body
- How to get out of your mind and into your body
- Why a stillness practice like meditation is incredibly grounding for the feminine
- How to start with a meditation practice even if you feel resistant
- How to practice self-soothing and regulate your emotions
- What it means to hold space for yourself and how to do this
- Why it is powerful to process your emotional reactions yourself before expressing or sharing them with others
- Why journaling is a powerful tool for inner work
- Some simple journaling prompts you can work with to help create a regular journaling practice
- A weekly planning ritual that you can work with to set yourself up for success
- How using planning to structure and clarity can help your feminine feel calm and safe and reduce overwhelm.
- A bonus money ritual you can use to feel more empowered in your finances.

Show Notes:

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With love,
Connie x

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