The Power Of Boundaries & Putting Down What Makes You Heavy (AR #92)


What if expanding your life was less about what you needed to bring on, start doing and implement and more about what you simply need to let go of, stop doing and put down?

As you put down what makes you heavy, your energy lightens and your vibration raises.  This lighter energy inspires new actions, fuels new ideas and elevates you to new heights.

Lightening up your energy is the key to your expansion because your energy is manifesting your life. In order to take care of your energy, it is important to only be investing it into those things that make you feel good, that nourish you and which make you feel light.

It is so important to begin to look at all of those things you have in your life, or things that you continue to give energy too which make you feel heavy or which take you out of alignment.

One of the key ways to do this is through boundaries. You may not always be able to completely stop doing certain things or say No to every single thing that doesn’t feel good, but you can be using boundaries to protect and honour your energy and start making small changes to what is weighing you down.

In today’s episode, I am diving deeper into talking about boundaries, what they are, how to practise them and the importance of taking loving care of your energy and how you feel so you can expand.


In this episode I cover:

+ Why the key to your expansion is ‘lightening up’ and putting down what makes you heavy.
+ What it means to be in energetic alignment and the importance of prioritising what brings you into alignment.
+ What a boundary is and the power of boundaries for protecting and honouring your energy.
+ Why you don’t always need to remove something from your life, but you may just simply need to change your relationship to it.
+ Why feelings of resentment, heaviness or being drained and depleted are indicators you need to implement a boundary.
+ Why the way you operate boundaries will be based on what you learnt from your parents growing up.
+ Why nothing is more important than how you feel and why you can no longer justify giving energy to what doesn’t make you feel good.
+ The importance of reflecting on what makes you light and what makes you heavy.
+ The importance of practising ‘inner boundaries’ by no longer investing energy in the thoughts, beliefs and inner stories that make you feel disempowered.
+ Looking at places where you are over-giving and how to start clarifying what you desire to receive in order to re-balance the energy.


Listen To The Episode:


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With love,
Connie x

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