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I am a Life Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker & Writer helping soul-centred women & men discover a new way of living their lives; one that is guided by their hearts, fuelled by their intuition, and filled with what they love.

I have spent the past 15 years on a passionate journey of self-discovery, with a deep commitment to living consciously and awakening my power & potential.

Along the way I have learnt some pretty big life lessons (and yep, most of them came the hard way).

After struggling with anxiety, an eating disorder, panic attacks, low self-esteem and a chronic addiction to external love, I came to discover that nothing 'out there' was ever going to plug up the holes of what was missing within.

Everything began to change when I finally found the courage to turn my search inwards. I learnt how to slow down and find stillness, listen to my heart, fill myself up from within, and deeply love and accept myself.

I began to heal my wounds, step into my power and courageously follow my intuition. And as I did, my whole life transformed.

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I am here to be your guide on the journey of turning inwards; of coming back into connection with yourself and discovering the power, wholeness and love that exists within you.

I want to help you re-awaken your heart and inner wisdom, clear out fear, create a mindset that empowers you, and fully love and value yourself.

Because when you start feeling good on the inside, life begins thriving on the outside.

S T A R T   Y O U R   J O U R N E Y

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In our busy lives - which are full of of to do's, need to's and should's - we are always being pulled outwards, and so I designed this 3 month online course to help gently guide you back inwards.

I created Slow Down + Tune In to provide you with the space, guidance and opportunity to take some time out for yourself and learn practical ways that you can support yourself to find peace and balance.

Learn how to build a loving relationship with yourself,  implement rituals for more peace and calmness, hear your inner guidance and tap into your heart's desires. You will learn practical and powerful ways to break free of fear, fill yourself up from within and create a life guided by love.

Registration is now open! Course starts August 5th 2017.

L A T E S T  B L O G S  +  P O D C A S T S


  • So far I have found the energy of August very unsettling. Are you feeling that too?
These eclipses are creating deep, rumbling change in our lives - the type of change that throws you into the unknown and surrounds you with uncertainty.
I'm finding this energy difficult to navigate and I still don't have clarity on what it is all about.
So I am trying to just embrace the messiness and confusion of it all, and remember that it is only temporary. 
My mind wants to know the outcome and purpose behind all the shifts that are happening.
But it is as though the details are being withheld intentionally to teach us how to take life one moment at a time and practice deep trust.
I get the sense that in the next few weeks everything will start to fall into place and make sense again. 
But the pieces of the puzzle may come together in a different form to what we were expecting. 
The picture may look different to what it did only a few weeks ago. 
And so let's stay open to whatever is meant to unfold. 
My biggest learning so far this month has been about releasing all the plans and ideas I hold about what I think should happen and instead flowing with where life wants me to go.
For the first 2 weeks of this month I was forcing and controlling and I ended up with nights of no sleep, exhaustion and anxious knots in my belly. 
But this week I began to let go and fully surrender and now everything feels so much easier. I am finally creating space to listen to life and my guidance. 
I am super grateful to the lovely Rachel from @rockandco for sending me this divine sleep oil and celestite crystal to support and calm me. 
Under this bumpy energy I have found that essential oils, sage, crystals, nature, music and hot baths have work wonders. 
Remember to nurture and nourish yourself through these changes and shifts. Take it slow and stop resisting where life wants you to go. 
Everything will come together in due time, so let go and trust the process. Cx
  • I'm feeling super chuffed to be welcoming 49 incredible women into the Slow Down & Tune In journey today 🌟
Before I launched the course, I sat in meditation and tuned in to feel for how many people I could energetically hold space for in the program.
After playing around with a few numbers, I landed on 50. It felt both expansive and abundant, but also grounded and energetically strong. 
As I moved through the launch, there were many times that my mind questioned whether this many women would join.
I didn't have any proof with my eyes, but I felt it in my heart.
So I just continued to tune into the energy, and hold space for the women I was ready to support.
I could literally feel the energy of every woman who I knew was meant to be on this journey with me. 
I could feel her in her process of moving through thoughts, fears and resistance in order to be ready to join us. 
I sent her love as she went through this, and held space for her until she was ready. 
And as the doors closed on Wednesday, the course was suddenly full with the energy of 49 amazing women. 
And this truly feels like the exact right number. 
It never ceases to amaze me how perfectly things unfold when you follow your intuition✌🏼🦄🌈🌸 #slowdowntunein
  • When you close your eyes,
and let the world fall away.
When you tune into your breath,
and allow your mind to slow down.
You will drop deeper into yourself.
and you will find,
there is a calm, still space within you.
A space where love resides.
A space where your heart & intuition speak softly,
and where happiness, wholeness and peace exist. 
Here you are safe and supported,
and the noise of the world can't reach you.
Here, you are tuned into who you really are.
You are plugged into the source of everything.
This is the space you are yearning to feel.
This is the place you are wanting to come home too.
This is the feeling you are craving. 
It has become clear to me that this is the purpose of my work.
To guide people inwards.
To guide them into connection with this space.
To help them untangle from the noise of their mind, 
from patterns of fear,
from the demands of the world.
And instead drop in deeper to truly get to know themselves. 
To awaken their inner power,
and live guided by their inner wisdom.
This weekend I embark on a 3 month journey of supporting an amazing group of women through this exact experience.
I feel honoured, grateful and blessed for the beautiful souls who have committed to walk this path with me.
It is going to be life-changing. 
Do you feel the pull to join us?
Enrollments for Slow Down & Tune In close tonight,
and they won't open again until 2018.
If you know in your heart that you're meant to be on this journey too, join via the link in my profile. Cx 💕
  • This morning I sent a little note out to my email tribe sharing about some changes I am currently moving through which are creating a lot of uncertainty in my life. 
I shared that the only thing which is allowing me to surrender completely, release my need to know what will happen and simply trust, is the relationship I have built with my inner guidance.
This inner connection allows me to find calm and ease amongst external change.
It shows me the steps I need to take, in the moments I need to take them.
It allows me to release patterns of fear and doubt and place full faith in my inner knowing. 
It helps me see that sometimes my plan differs to the higher plan, and that is ok. 
Because any apparent roadblock I encounter is just a divine re-direction.
It reminds me that my only job is to surrender and flow with where life wants me to go.
Because life loves me and it wants to see me thrive, expand and have all I desire.
And if something I think I want does not come through, it must mean there is something even better than I imagined in store.
I know many of us are moving through shifts and changes at the moment, which are taking us into the unknown.
If you're finding that your mind is getting caught up in worry, anxiety and control, and you instead want to be able to trust, surrender and feel divinely guided, I would love to invite you to join me in Slow Down & Tune In. 
I want to share with you all of the practices and principles that have deeply supported me for the past 8 years. 
This course will guide you out of your head and into connection with your heart, body and intuition, so you can hear the guidance that is always there, just waiting for you to make space for it.
There are less than 3 days left to enroll (doors close this Wednesday). Join us via the link in my profile 💕
  • {Surrender} Who else feels they are going through big shifts at the moment that are creating a lot of uncertainty in their life?
This is definitely what I am feeling. 
So many changes are brewing for me, but the full picture has not yet been revealed.
I feel like I am hovering between worlds as I wait for the new things to fall into place.
And my mind has been really struggling with the uncertainty. 
It's been scrambling to try to control my external circumstances and get them lined up, locked in and sorted out so I can feel safe and know everything will be ok. 
So this morning I brought this inner craziness to my journal and I tuned in for guidance, and this is what I heard;
"Trust in what you feel, rather than what you see."
When your attention is on the external world you will be constantly looking for proof and evidence that everything will work out.
You will try to control, manipulate and push at external circumstances in order to get things coming together the way you want.
But when you surrender you release the need to see proof.
You close your eyes and let the external fall away. 
You tune back into what you feel. 
You connect with your inner knowing.
You hold your energy on what you desire.
And you trust in that feeling, rather than needing to see external evidence. 
My guidance just keeps saying "Let go, let go, let go..." and while it is tough, I know it's exactly what I need to do. 
And so I wanted to share this reminder with you, in case you are feeling what I am feeling.
It is a reminder to let go and surrender.
To drop anything you are pushing at. 
To allow your external circumstances to be uncertain, and to find your security within, by holding your vision on your heart's desire no matter what the external world shows you. Cx #slowdowntunein
  • I spent alot of years running from myself. Busying myself with things that needed to get done. Distracting myself with external change.
Always looking outside myself to avoid having to look within.
I didn't know how to relax into my body or be in my own company. 
I didn't know how to love and care for myself. 
I didn't know how to handle my emotions so I pushed them down and ignored them.
The idea of slowing down, being in stillness or looking within myself was totally foreign to me.
Every time I tried to relax, the noise in my head became too loud to handle.
So I would get up and get busy, to go about avoiding it again.
It wasn't until I learnt the tools to work through what was happening within me that I was able to drop in deeper. 
I learnt how to witness my negative inner chatter, and embrace the discomfort in my body. 
I learnt how to start listening to myself - to both my pain and fear, but also to my innermost desires.
As I learnt how to slow down, look within and do the inner work, my whole life began to change.
I was able to heal my relationship with myself and support myself through everything I was feeling.
I was able to tune in to hear my heart and intuition and let it guide my life.
I was able to embrace my wounds and face my shadows to clear blocks, limiting beliefs and fears that had been holding me back for years. 
I was able to truly get to know myself, step into my power, uncover my purpose and create a life I love. .
Slowing down, looking within, and connecting with my deeper self has been life-changing for me.
So I created my course Slow Down & Tune In to help you experience this too.
I want to guide and support you on the empowering journey of turning inwards, so you can awaken your power and inner guidance system and truly get to know yourself. 
Over 3 powerful months you will learn tools, principles and practices to help you find inner calm and feel whole and happy from within. Enrollments are only open for another 5 days. Join via the link in my profile 💕

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