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You’ve got bold, beautiful plans for your life, a heart filled with possibility, and a yearning for something more.

You want life to feel fun, free and effortless; to be full to the brim with everything you love.

You’re seeking happiness, pining for peace and craving that deep sigh-of-relief feeling of contentment.


But sometimes things don’t go according to plan.


Instead, you keep getting bogged down in fear. You’re constantly doubting yourself. You keep getting thrown off-balance by that negative voice in your head. 


That’s where I come in.


I’m a certified coach and spirit-fuelled mentor, here to guide you to a new way of living. One that’s grounded in truth and steeped in soul.


This is about choosing love over fear and abundance over anxiety. It’s about living in alignment and trusting your inner wisdom. It’s about finding your purpose and heeding your heart’s desires.


Because when you do, life get’s so much easier. Things start to flow and grow. And you start to feel really freaking good. Quite simply, it can transform your life.


Sound’s awesome, doesn’t it?!



So, let’s dive deeper.





On the blog


How To Strengthen Your Intuition

We all have the ability to live intuitively guided lives, where we are delicately pulled by our inner whisper and lead by the energy within us. But most of us don’t know where to begin connecting with our intuition and have no idea how to decipher it from the myriad of other thoughts that rush through our mind.

Over the past 6-12 months I have been working to strengthen my relationship with my inner voice and it is now the foundation upon which I make all my decisions and run my business.

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Embrace Your Divine Feminine Soul & Open Your Heart

My little inner whisper has been calling at me to make a shift. After a whirlwind first few months of 2014 where I have at times felt quite ‘heady’, I am now being guided to drop into an even deeper connection with my heart.

There is a pull to soften, open up, explore the sensation of ease and embody the energy of love. The word receive has been ringing in my ears and it is becoming apparent that my usual push hard, do more, work faster approach is not what my soul is craving.

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Episode 18

Awaken Radio Episode #18: Creating Space

In this week’s episode I explore the powerful concept of Creating Space with meditation teacher, reiki master and theta healer practitioner Sara Brooke.

This incredible conversation will support you to find your own inner space amongst the crazy and busy world we live in. We discuss simple yet incredibly powerful ways to experience more stillness, consciously create your world and fully embody your heart energy.

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Embody Your Light (+ My New Website Is Here!)

It feels quite fitting for me to write about about embodying your light on the same day that I launch my new look website. More than anything I wanted this new site to feel lighter. More spacious. Clearer.

The design of the website is such a perfect reflection of what I feel has shifted within me over the past few months. I am lighter. I have created more space. I feel clearer and more expansive than I ever have before.

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Awaken Radio Episode #17: Lead With Soul

In this week’s episode I dive deep with Life Coach, Mentor and Teacher Susana Frioni on how to Lead With Soul.

We explore what it means to let your soul guide you through your life, versus being pulled by your ego in pursuit of external achievements and goals. Leading with Soul is about creating space and stillness to feel your inner wisdom so that you can be taking actions that are always authentically aligned with your truth.

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How To Be The Source Of What You Seek

Many of us have been going through processes of letting go, releasing and shedding lately. I personally felt over the past few months a lot of things were taken from my life. People no longer played the same roles they used to play and consequently were not able to make me feel how I wanted to feel. Actions that used to yield certain results, no longer did. External forms fell away.

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