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I am a Life Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker & Writer helping soul-centred women & men discover a new way of living their lives; one that is guided by their hearts, fuelled by their intuition, and filled with love.

I have spent the past 15 years on a passionate journey of self-discovery, with a deep commitment to living consciously and awakening my power & potential.

Along the way I have learnt some pretty big life lessons (and yep, most of them came the hard way).

After struggling with anxiety, an eating disorder, panic attacks, low self-esteem and a chronic addiction to external love, I came to discover that nothing 'out there' was ever going to plug up the holes of what was missing within.

Everything began to change when I finally found the courage to turn my search inwards. I learnt how to slow down and find stillness, listen to my heart, fill myself up from within, and deeply love and accept myself.

I began to heal my wounds, step into my power and courageously follow my intuition. And as I did, my whole life transformed.

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I am here to be your guide on the journey of turning inwards; of coming back into connection with yourself and discovering the power, wholeness and love that exists within you.

I want to help you re-awaken your heart and inner wisdom, clear out fear, create a mindset that empowers you, and fully love and value yourself.

Because when you start feeling good on the inside, life begins thriving on the outside.

S T A R T   Y O U R   J O U R N E Y

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S L O W  D O W N   &  T U N E  I N  (coming soon)

In our busy lives - which are full of of to do's, need to's and should's - we are always being pulled outwards, and so I designed this 3 month online course to help gently guide you back inwards.

I created Slow Down + Tune In to provide you with the space, guidance and opportunity to take some time out for yourself and learn practical ways that you can support yourself to find peace and balance.

Learn how to build a loving relationship with yourself,  implement rituals for more peace and calmness, hear your inner guidance and tap into your heart's desires. You will learn practical and powerful ways to break free of fear, fill yourself up from within and create a life guided by love.

More details coming soon.

L A T E S T  B L O G S  +  P O D C A S T S


  • Happy Sunday loves 🌿 So, a few days ago under the energy of the solstice and the new moon, I birthed a little website update!
I've been working on this refresh since the beginning of the year and it feels so nice to have it complete 🙏🏼
It includes a fresh array of photos from @eyesoflovephotography and a bit of a new look. It's not a total re-brand but it definitely has a different energy. It is softer, more feminine and has a much more soulful vibe, which feels reflective of the woman I am these days. 
This is just the beginning of lots of new things I'll be creating and sharing in the 2nd half of this year. My online course Slow Down & Tune In is only a few weeks from being ready and my Turn Inwards Journaling Guide is almost complete too 💕 
After that I'll be shifting my attention to some live workshops, a group coaching series and many more #awakenradio podcasts. Phew, after a big 6 months of laying the groundwork I finally feel this year of 'new beginnings' is kicking off! ⚡️🙌🏼
A big thank you to the team at ClickWP for the amazing help in pulling the site together, and to Michelle for the beautiful photos. 
If you want to take a peek head on over to conniechapman.com. Cx
  • ~ New Moon 🌙 in Cancer ~
One of my favourite things about working with moon energy is the way it has supported me to become more connected to the cycles of life and to create rituals and sacred practices that honour the various energy phases.
Over the last few years I have brought a lot more ritual into my life, both through my morning practice and my evening ritual to wind down at night. I also have a little self-care pampering ritual, a journaling ritual and also the rituals I practice at each new and full moon. 
For a while now I have been writing out my intentions of what I would love to create, experience, feel and focus on at each new moon. I also draw a few oracle cards to provide guidance and give me a sense of the energy of the upcoming cycle.
But for this new moon I decided to take it one step further and create a little alter for my intentions. I wrote out each intention individually on paper, and I am charging them up with crystal energy. 
So often setting 'goals' can feel really masculine and heady, but when we can add a heart-driven, feminine approach through ritual it helps make the birthing of our desires feel sacred, divine and special.
Happy new moon loves ✨ She is a supermoon this month, and is in the watery, emotional sign of Cancer, so you may be feeling all the feels! Cx
  • I have a new #awakenradio podcast to share with you today. This one is more of a personal episode, filled with stories of what I have been learning, working through and discovering over the past month. 
I explore lessons on grief, love, loss, receiving, expansion, spiritual faith, alignment and living on purpose.
I talk about how to embrace and move through the various cycles of life - both those that feel expansive, light and abundant, and those that feel dark, challenging and painful - with courage and grace.
I have come to realise over the past month, that the challenges life gives us hold within them the potential to transform us in the most profound way, if we will allow it. 
With this perspective we can embrace the various cycles of life - rather than living in fear of the change they bring - knowing that there is always something for us to learn, and a new way for us to grow. 
And we can remember that everything is temporary and whatever we are feeling will eventually pass. 
Because after every period of darkness, comes light. After every contraction, comes expansion. After every ending, comes a new beginning. And after every setback, comes a new possibility. 
Tune in on iTunes or SoundCloud or read the full post and show notes at conniechapman.com. 
Image @eyesoflovephotography
  • ~ Solstice ~ 
This is a beautiful seasonal turning point and to me it has a strong energy of 're-setting'. At Solstice, we have an opportunity to pause, reflect and take stock of where we are and how we are feeling at this mid-point of the year.
This energy has made me want to go on a cleaning and clearing rampage, while at the same time it has pulled me inwards and made me want to rest, recharge and nurture myself with lots of self-care. 
So today I made a morning trip to the markets, took a bath in the middle of the day, whipped up a big batch of homemade green/beetroot juice, and cleared the energy of my home with white sage.
I also had a strong urge to record a podcast, as there have been so many insights and learnings swirling within me lately and I felt ready to give them a voice. 
It ended up being quite a personal and cathartic episode filled with stories of what I've been working through and discovering over the past month. 
I talk about grief, love, loss, resilience, spiritual faith, receiving, expansion, alignment and living on purpose. The episode will be out in the next few days and I look forward to sharing it with you. 
Have a beautiful, soul-nourishing solstice and enjoy this opportunity to pause, reflect and re-set. Cx
  • I've spent the morning heart-storming and writing out my desires and intentions for the next 6 months. As I was writing I noticed a very distinct difference between the energy of the 1st half of this year, and now what I am feeling as we approach the 2nd half.
For me, the first 6 months have focused heavily on groundwork and foundations. I have been re-arranging and re-organizing, bringing more systems and support into my business, and creating more order and simplicity in my life. 
It has also had a strong theme of letting go, as I feel I am still shedding old aspects of myself and my life to make way for the new.
But as I tuned into the next 6 months, they felt very different. They felt expansive and abundant. They felt like forward movement and new beginnings. The 2nd half of this year feels light, bright and fresh. And it was full of new, beautiful desires that I didn't even realise I had until I began writing. 
So, as we approach solstice and find ourselves at the midpoint mark of 2017, it is a beautiful time to pause, reflect and take stock of how your year has unfolded so far. 
Think back to where you were on January 1st, what you wanted for this year and the visions your held within your heart. How do you feel about them now? 
Have your desires come to fruition? If not, what needs to shift and change to support them to come to life? 
And then, tune into the energy of the next 6 months. Where do you desire to be by the end of 2017? What do you want to create? And how do you want your life to feel?
Write it out and describe it in detail. Feel it and see it in your minds eye. Hold it in your heart, and believe and know it is yours. Cx
  • It's a rainy Saturday morning here in Sydney and I'm cosied up with a warming bulletproof coffee blend. 
I first started blending up my coffee like this last year, and I used the standard bulletproof recipe of adding butter to my coffee. 
Surprisingly I actually enjoyed the flavour but within a few weeks I became awfully congested (as I can't properly digest dairy). I then tried ghee instead and honestly that was just 😷.
So then I discovered I could use coconut butter (which is not just the oil, but the full flesh blended up into a creamy butter) and it worked just as well!
A few people have been asking about my recipe, so here it is;
+ 1 TBSP Coconut Butter (I use @niulife organic coconut butter)
+ 1 TBSP Collagen (I use gelpro 'peptipro' collagen from @gelatinaustralia)
+ 1 TSP Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder (I use @nuzest_australia or @sunwarrioraus. This is how I give it a little sweetness but you could use honey instead or skip sweetener altogether)
+ 1 TSP Raw Cacao powder (optional, but gives it a nice flavour and boost of magnesium. I use @loving_earth)
+ 1 TSP of MCT oil (I've also heard great things about @bulletproof Brain Octane Oil so that will be my next purchase and I'll use that instead)
+ A dash of organic cinnamon and/or tumeric.
+ I then add in a big cup of black coffee, but you could use matcha, chai or dandy instead. Just brew up your hot liquid and put it into a high speed blender with all your ingredients and whizz!!!

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