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I am a Life Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker & Writer helping soul-centred women & men discover a new way of living their lives; one that is guided by their hearts, fuelled by their intuition, and filled with what they love.

I have spent the past 15 years on a passionate journey of self-discovery, with a deep commitment to living consciously and awakening my power & potential.

Along the way I have learnt some pretty big life lessons (and yep, most of them came the hard way).

After struggling with anxiety, an eating disorder, panic attacks, low self-esteem and a chronic addiction to external love, I came to discover that nothing 'out there' was ever going to plug up the holes of what was missing within.

Everything began to change when I finally found the courage to turn my search inwards. I learnt how to slow down and find stillness, listen to my heart, fill myself up from within, and deeply love and accept myself.

I began to heal my wounds, step into my power and courageously follow my intuition. And as I did, my whole life transformed.

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I am here to be your guide on the journey of turning inwards; of coming back into connection with yourself and discovering the power, wholeness and love that exists within you.

I want to help you re-awaken your heart and inner wisdom, clear out fear, create a mindset that empowers you, and fully love and value yourself.

Because when you start feeling good on the inside, life begins thriving on the outside.

S T A R T   Y O U R   J O U R N E Y

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In our busy lives - which are full of of to do's, need to's and should's - we are always being pulled outwards, and so I designed this 3 month online course to help gently guide you back inwards.

I created Slow Down + Tune In to provide you with the space, guidance and opportunity to take some time out for yourself and learn practical ways that you can support yourself to find peace and balance.

Learn how to build a loving relationship with yourself,  implement rituals for more peace and calmness, hear your inner guidance and tap into your heart's desires. You will learn practical and powerful ways to break free of fear, fill yourself up from within and create a life guided by love.

Registration is now open! Course starts August 5th 2017.

L A T E S T  B L O G S  +  P O D C A S T S


  • We all have so much power within us. So much wisdom and guidance at our fingertips.
But if we are not in tune with ourselves we will not be able to hear it. We will forget that we hold all the answers. 
Instead we will look outside of ourselves for the clarity we are seeking. 
We will ask other peoples opinions, watch what others are doing and go round in circles in our minds trying to figure everything out.
But imagine being so connected to yourself, and so in tune with your inner voice that you always knew what was right for you. 
You always knew the right step. 
You always knew the right decision. 
You knew what the whisper of your heart sounded like, and what the pull of your intuition felt like.
And you could place full faith in that.
You could be guided and led by that.
Guided from within. 
Standing in your power. 
Feeling clear and certain on who you are and what you want.
All of this is possible when you slow down and create the space to listen to the wisdom within you. 
When you build a relationship with your inner self. 
When you drop out of your mind and into a deeper part of you.
I know this can be a challenging practice, so I created Slow Down & Tune In to help you. 
In this 3 month journey you will be supported to come back into connection with yourself and awaken your inner wisdom and power. 
Enrolments are now open via the link in my profile. I would love to have you join me. Cx
  • New Moon in Leo 💫
All weekend my guidance has been pulling me inwards. Asking me to create space and get still. Asking me to slow down, tune in and listen. 
I've been downloading visions, and I've been shown the plan for the next 12 months of my business. Woah there are epic upgrades in store ✨
This morning my guidance reminded me - "All upgrades must happen within you energetically before they appear in your reality."
So there is inner work to do.
Inner work to expand my capacity to receive. 
Inner work to feel worthy of such abundant goodness. 
Inner work to align with the reality I wish to experience. 
Inner work to release the blocks that stand between me and my expansion.
I've been journaling and digging deep, and exploring these questions;
What is the next chapter I feel ready to expand into?
What is the new reality I want to create?
Who is the woman that lives in this reality?
What energy does she embody? How does she feel?
How does she move, talk and act?
What does she believe about herself?
What needs to shift in me to align with her? 
What fears are stopping me fully stepping into her? 
And the answers flowing onto the page have been deep. I'm in energetic upgrade mode, stretching and expanding into the new ✨Are you feeling these big, expansive vibes too? Cx
  • It feels good to be bringing things back into balance this week and filling up the love tank with lots of self-care. I spent a big chunk of the morning in bed with my journal tapping into some intuitive guidance, and then went out for a beautiful long run by the water. 
I plan on spending most of the weekend in rest & recharge mode, but this upcoming new moon energy has also got me craving a little clean out. So I'll be burning sage, letting go of some clutter from around the house (and maybe from within me too) and dropping into my heart to explore some new intentions for the upcoming cycle. 
Happy Saturday loves! Cx
  • New Awaken Radio: How To Shift Out Of Fear & Into Faith 💫

I have found that when we are moving through big periods of change, expansion, up-levelling and the unknown, it is easy for fear-based thinking to get triggered. 
We can easily get caught in worry, anxiety and over-analysing, and we may start to doubt whether the universe will actually support us in stepping into what we desire.

When this happens it is important to know how to shift your energy and your mindset back into a space of faith, ease, trust and surrender so you can re-connect with your inner guidance and feel supported and grounded.

In today's #awakenradio episode I am sharing with you the 4 step process that I personally practise, to shift myself out of fear and into faith.

After getting caught in a big wave of fear-driven thinking over the past few weeks, I was able to apply these practices and shift out of it. 
They helped me drop back into my body, come back into my heart and create the inner space to hear my intuition.

I hope these practices support you too!
Listen in on iTunes or SoundCloud or read the full post at conniechapman.com. Cx
  • I'll be honest that in the lead up to my course launch over the last few weeks, I found myself feeling really stuck in my head. 
Without realising I was spending too much time in planning, thinking and doing mode and I wasn't creating enough space for rest, self care, movement or stillness. 
While I was getting a lot of shizz done (which felt good), my mind was totally taking over and I felt myself moving further and further away from my inner self. 
I felt disconnected from my body, and was also getting easily pulled into fear-based thought patterns. 
I was eventually able to catch out my craziness, and get to work on shifting it.
And now I've now been coming back to all my practices to tune me back in - massages, my morning ritual, dance sessions, making space to just sit and be, hot baths, cooking, yoga, meditation, music and filling my home with the scent of essential oils and fresh flowers.
And just like that I feel plugged back in again. I have slowed right down. 
I feel anchored back in my body, reconnected to my power and able to hear the loving wisdom of my intuition.

We all get disconnected sometimes I think it's a natural part of this crazy human life we live, but it is important to know how to catch it and shift it, if you want to feel aligned, guided and in your power. 
I know this can be a really challenging practice, so I created Slow Down & Tune In to support you step by step along the journey.
In this soulful 3 month course, you will learn how to slow your mind and reconnect with your heart, body and inner wisdom. You will learn tools and practices  to awaken your power, shift your energy and feel calm, balanced and happy from within. 
Enrolments are now open via the link in my profile. I would love to have you join me. Cx 💕
  • I am beyond (beyond!) excited to share, that after 9 months of creation, my new online course Slow Down & Tune In is here!
This soulful 3 month journey has been designed to guide you step by step back into connection with your heart, body and inner wisdom. 
It will support you to calm your mind, awaken your inner power and find love, wholeness and happiness within.
You will receive weekly audio classes and playbooks along with videos, group coaching calls, meditations and more.
It combines everything I have been practicing in my life over the past 8 years, and teaching my 1:1 clients over the past 5 years.
I've poured my whole heart and soul into this course and I can't wait to share the journey with you!
I also want to say a big thank you to @jochunyan for her amazing design work and @eyesoflovephotography for the beautiful photos.
Head to conniechapman.com/tunein to find out more and join us. Cx

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