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Clearing The Blocks To Self Love with Jennifer Kass (AR #05)

In this beautiful episode I speak with Holistic Happiness Coach and Spiritual Mentor, Jennifer Kass. Jennifer and I dive deep in to the concept of self love to really help you grasp how you can release the fear-based illusions that keep you disconnected from the love that resides within you at all times.

The Art of Surrender (Part 2) with Claire Obeid (AR #04)

Today I am bringing you Part Two of the beautiful conversation I am having with Claire Obeid about The Art of Surrender. If you missed Part One, you can listen to it here. In this episode, we dive deeper in to the opposite of surrender to help you really understand why these patterns of control, force […]

How To Break Free From Limiting Stories

What are your stories? The stories that tend to play through your mind about yourself. What are your beliefs? The thoughts that you hold as your truth. What is your self-talk like? What do you tell yourself  is possible for you in your life?

Following The Feeling with Jamie Gonzalez (AR #03)

In this episode I speak with Intuitive Mentor, Speaker and Blogger Jamie Gonzalez. Jamie shares powerful wisdom on what it actually means to follow the feeling in your life and to make decisions and take actions based on your intuition and what you love.

How To Drop Your Expectations Of Others

Do you find yourself placing expectations on people in your life to act in certain ways in order to meet your needs? Many of us do this in our relationships with our partners, friends or family. And when we feel that those people do not meet our expectations, we become upset or angry and blame […]

The Art Of Surrender (Part 1) with Claire Obeid (AR #02)

In today’s episode I speak with Claire Obeid, Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, on the topic of Surrender. In this episode we de-mystify the concept of surrender. We dive deep in to how you can begin to release those patterns of control, force and fear and instead embrace a life of surrender, flow and ease.

How I am Changing My Relationship With Money

Ever since I began working for myself my relationship with money has totally changed. Not because I have tried to make it change, but simply because it has had to. When I was employed, I had a set salary, which equated to a set monthly paycheck that was delivered to my bank account on the […]

Living From The Heart with Monica Kade (AR #01)

Today I have some incredibly exciting news that I am so pumped to share with you. I want to introduce you to my new radio show, Awaken Radio.  The idea for this show came to me a couple of weeks ago after realising how much I loved spreading empowering messages through speaking.

It Only Works If You Work It

These days with the help of things like google, youtube and online blogs we have a wealth of transformative content at our finger tips. The quality of the information that we can receive by simply going online has never been so high. It is easy get caught up in this world of reading, learning and […]

3 Steps To Being Bigger & Receiving More

On Sunday night I ran my final Live Call for current participants of The 90 Day Transformation Project. I was talking to them about the topic of playing big, but our conversation was not about trying to do more, work harder or strive for bigger goals. Rather it was about being bigger.

Re-Define Your Identity

Before you begin reading this post, I want you to ask yourself this one question and notice what arises in you. Who am I? Based on your answers, notice where you find your identity. Do you find your identity in what you do?

Returning To Why

Over the past few days I have been feeling a strong yearning to reconnect with the why behind what I do, and really tune in to see where I have been deviating from this. While I know I love what I do, there are times when the love gets squeezed out of it. I have […]

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