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Overcoming The Seeking Trap

We all have a yearning to feel deeply fulfilled in our lives. But one of the biggest traps I see my clients fall in to (and which I got caught up in myself for years) is looking for that fulfilment externally. When this happens, we get caught in the pattern of seeking things from the …

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Move Bravely Beyond Self Doubt

Phew! I have been in a creative whirlwind over the past few weeks. New ideas have been flooding in and I now have a range of new projects on the go. Some are only in early stages, while others are drawing to completion. I have been finding myself really flowing lately. Flowing with the energy …

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Uncensored Self Expression

Video blogs are officially back.  I am so excited to be sharing content with you again in this way. I quite honestly love recording video’s and it is one of my favourite ways to spread my message.

A Heart Meditation Track + Exciting Announcements

I have another beautiful meditation track for you today! I recorded this meditation for the people in my 90 Day Transformation Project and I once again felt the desire to share it with all of you.

Be Who You Want To Be, Right Now

Over the past week, there has been a resounding message coming through for me… Being who you want to be, is not a doing process. It is not a journey or a destination. In fact being who you want to be is something you can experience now. Right now. It is not something you need …

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You Are Not Broken + Nothing Has Gone Wrong

I have spent the past 10 years immersing myself in personal development practices in an attempt to heal myself, fix myself, improve my life and overcome the deep feeling that there is something wrong with me.

When Fear Hijacks Your Passion

There is no better feeling that being immersed in something you love to do. Something you are truly passionate about. We love how it feels. We love who we are when we do it. We love it because it enables us to connect with that authentic, truthful space that sits deep within us.

Feel How You Want To Feel Now + A Free Meditation Track

Today I want to share a meditation track that I created for my beautiful community of people completing The 90 Day Transformation Project. I have spent the first 4 weeks of the project, taking the group through some deep and super powerful inner work.We are now up to Week 5 of the project, and the topic …

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Work Less & Receive More

Over the past month or so, I have been dropping in to a space of surrender. This has been a practice of relinquishing control, releasing attachment to outcomes and allowing myself to be guided. I have been putting my plan, my goals and my wants to the side. Instead, I am allowing my beautiful inner …

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Nuggets Of Wisdom For Those In Transition

I feel like I am going through a transition at the moment. An inner transition.  A transition from one way of being, to another. I feel things shifting, releasing and transforming. I feel different. It is subtle yet profound. Simple yet intricate. Challenging yet delicious.

Recording Of The Transform Your Life Call

I have a special treat for you today! I have decided to share the recording of my Transform Your Life From The Inside-Out call with all of you!

Embrace Fear & Shine Your Light

Do you shy away from things that make you uncomfortable? Do you hide and play small in order to avoid being seen – really seen? Do you avoid those opportunities that require you to really step up and move beyond your comfort zone? Welcome to the world of playing small. 

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