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Witnessing Fear & Creating Miracles

I rarely read books from start to finish. I tend to open them up at a section, read a few pages, get what I need and then move on. When my eagerly anticipated delivery of May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein arrived I initially jumped in to doing the same thing. I flipped through it, read …

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Finding The Courage To Follow Your Heart

I think there are two ways of determining if you are ‘following your heart’. The first is whether or not you are following the desires that your heart is calling you towards, and the second is if you living in your heart. Being in it. One is about the actions you are taking and one …

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10 Keys To Creating An Amazing Relationship

Now, just because I am writing a post called “10 keys to creating an amazing relationship” does not mean that my relationship is necessarily perfect. I am not an angelic girlfriend by any means. But I have done a lot work over the years on this area of my life and as a result I …

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Reflections On Being Real, Raw And Vulnerable

Oh vulnerability. It is the most beautiful quality that a woman (or anyone for that matter) can embody and express. It is the energy that creates connections, opens hearts and facilitates love. It makes life real, deep and delicious.

Experiencing Road Blocks And A Lack Of Flow?

Have you ever had an outcome in mind of something you wanted, and you tried everything to get it happening including taking every action under the sun and throwing everything you have at it, yet you could not seem to make any progress?

Why I Simplified My Morning Routine

It was back in 2011 that I really started focusing on creating a morning routine. At that stage in my life I was working full time, completing training to become a life coach, and running a part-time coaching practice in my spare time. Life was hectic. I was completely out of balance. I woke up, …

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How To Thrive In The Unknown

Last year I left the comfort of my day job to start up my life coaching practice. During this period my life was filled with uncertainty and riddled with the unknown. Sure, I had freedom and the ability to spend my days as I pleased, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t petrified. I went from …

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Ever Worry That You’re Not Good Enough?

Eckhart Tolle is one of my favourite people to listen to when I need a check-up. I don’t know if it is the calm, slow way in which he speaks or the simple, yet profound guidance be provides, but listening to his talks on my ipod instantly grounds me and leaves me feeling calm and …

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How To Re-Connect With Your Intuition

If you are anything like me, you may have at some point had a bit of a love/hate relationship with your intuition. Sometimes your inner guidance calls you towards beautiful things, aligns you with amazing people, and leads you in to gorgeous circumstances.

The One Thing Stopping Your Dreams Manifesting

My experience with manifestation is something that continues to evolve. When I first learnt about this process I thought of if it as somewhat magical. Initially it felt that way. When it suddenly clicks that you are a creator who can change their reality, it feels pretty damn magical.

5 Ways To Use The Practise Of Journaling

As I mentioned in this post, if you want to create change in your life, you have to do the work. Journaling is a beautiful practice that you can take on to get you started on doing the work. If you are new to journalling, try to set aside a time each day where you will …

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How to Begin Changing Your Life

I am continuously being contacted by people who want to know how to change their life. People often ask me “how do I begin to change?” or “where do I start?” or “what is one of the first things I can do?” My response to these beautiful seekers, is generally quite long winded and detailed. …

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