3 Keys To Deep Self-Love (AR #109)

The majority of the women who come to work with me in my private coaching or online courses are looking for support to deepen their self-love.

They want to feel more confident, more accepting of who they are and to release patterns of self-judgement, guilt, self-criticism and unworthiness that they are struggling with.

Often where we begin is with exploring what self-love actually means.

Because self-love isn't necessarily about always being positive and high vibe and falling head over heels in love with yourself.

Rather, it is about practising self-compassion and kindness, speaking to yourself in supportive and empowering ways, and treating yourself the way you would a best friend.

It is about dropping all of the rules you have placed on yourself about who you need to be to feel good enough and loveable, and instead practicing unconditional love and acceptance of all of you - flaws and all.

It is about building a healthy, supportive and empowering relationship with yourself, as your relationship with yourself is the foundation of every other relationship and impacts how you show up in every area of your life.

In today's episode of Awaken Radio, I am sharing 3 keys to deepening your self-love so you can stop feeling at war with yourself and start feeling more self-acceptance, self-connection and self-empowerment.

Listen To Episode #109:

In This Episode I Cover:

- The signs that you are loving yourself conditionally
- What it means to practise unconditional self-love
- How to release the story that there is something wrong with you
- Loving yourself despite your flaws
- The importance of changing your self-talk
- Why you need to separate your worth from your achievements
- How to feel good enough, just as you are
- The importance of acknowledging and celebrating yourself
- Signs that you are self-abandoning
- How to practice self-devotion
- Why putting yourself first is an act of self-love

Show Notes:

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With love,
Connie x

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