The Practice Of Self-Devotion (AR #90)

I have spent many years working on healing my relationship with myself. I have done the inner work to clear out old stories, release the negative chatter of my inner critic, practise nourishing self-care, honour my hearts desires, and learn how to love and support myself through anything and everything life brings.

However this year, my embodiment of this practice has gone even deeper. I have been looking beyond surface levels of self-love and self-care and I have been exploring bigger and deeper practices of self-devotion and self-honouring.

There is something about the practice of self-devotion to me that feels more intimate than mere self-love. It feels more committed. More all-in. More honouring of the magnificence of who I am.

This practice has asked me to both return to myself and show up for myself in bigger ways than I have before. It has become a practice of looking at any of the places – no matter how small or seemingly insignificant – that I am still skimming the surface, avoiding myself, abandoning myself, saying Yes when I want to say No, leaking energy, not believing in the grandness of my dreams and still allowing my fears and limiting thinking to hold me back.

This practice has asked me to slow down and prioritise myself above all else. It has not meant being selfish, but instead being incredibly self-focused.

I have needed to give myself permission this year to slow down and to take a lot of space for myself. I have noticed time and time again that when I overload my calendar and begin to rush or force, I am pulled up straight up into my head. I start becoming reactive and I skim over my deeper emotions.

Slowing down helps drops me into my body. It re-connects with my feelings. It brings me into the here and now. It calms my mind. It draws my focus back inwards and supports me to move through the world feeling calm and empowered. 

My practice of self-devotion has also meant making greater peace with myself and coming into deeper love and acceptance of all of who I am.

It has meant embracing my flaws, my weaknesses and my shadow sides. It has meant surrendering more fully into my body, my truth, my inner wisdom and allowing myself to be deeply held and supported, by myself.

It has been a big, powerful and transformative journey to say the least!

So I felt to come on the podcast today and share more about this practice of self-devotion and how I am applying it to my own life, and to my relationship with myself.


In this episode I cover:

+ My experience with practising self-devotion this year and why I am feeling called to return to myself in a deeper way than I ever have before.
+ Why your relationship with yourself needs to be solid, loving and supportive in order for you to step into your expansion.
+ The ways in which our busy lives today are constantly pulling us away from ourselves.
+ Why we need to create practices which tune us back to our inner world and fill us up from within.
+ Some of the key indicators which you may experience when you are disconnected from yourself.
+ What it means to practise self-devotion and deeply honour yourself, your feelings, your wants, your needs, your desires and your inner wisdom.
+ How to identify the key things that pull you into your mind or into the external world.
+ The importance of identifying and defining what connects you with yourself and what it feels like.
+ Why you need to create time and space for yourself in your calendar and no longer put yourself last.
+ Why devoting yourself to a bigger project or passion is a beautiful form of self-love.
+ The power of no longer avoiding what needs your attention and fully showing up for yourself.
+ Why I signed up for weekly pole dancing classes as part of my self-devotion practice.
+ How to build greater self-trust.
+ Plus, enrolments are now open for my online course Slow Down & Tune In.


Listen To The Episode:


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With love,
Connie x

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