8 Tips For Processing Big Emotions & Feelings

If you are anything like me, you may have been processing and working through some big emotions and feelings these past few weeks. There is a lot being triggered and activated for us at the moment as we move through this process of upgrading our lives and releasing everything that has been holding us back and weighing us down.

So today, I wanted to offer a few tips and nuggets of wisdom that may help you as you work through these big feels.

Let’s dive in.

Releasing emotion is like a detox

Releasing your emotion is a deeply healing and freeing experience. Emotions are an energy force that want to be able to move and flow through your body and be released. When you push down your emotions they become stuck in your body and can create heaviness, tension, anxiety, and tightness. These old trapped emotions block you feeling happiness and joy. As you allow yourself to feel your emotions and unlock this trapped energy, you create room within you for fresh new energy and lighter feelings to emerge.

Your emotions are messengers

Every time something triggers you, upsets you or causes a strong emotional reaction, you have the opportunity to learn something new about yourself. Your emotions can show you where your needs are not being met, where you need to implement a boundary, where things are out of balance in a relationship, where you have unresolved pain from the past, where you are not speaking your truth, where a change needs to happen, where you need to let go of something from your life, and so much more. When you have a big emotion, see if you can dig deeper and ask yourself “What is this really about for me?” or “Why has this upset, hurt or impacted me so deeply?”

Pay attention to recurring emotions

Do you tend to loop around the same feelings in different areas of your life? Even when you change your external situation and bring in something new, do you seem to end up feeling the same way? Perhaps in relationships with every partner, you feel disappointed or abandoned. With every new job, you still feel unfulfilled and stressed. No matter how much money you make, you constantly feel lack and insecurity. No matter how much weight you lose, you still feel not good enough. This recurring emotion is pointing to a core inner belief or pattern that needs to be healed and transformed.

Embrace your emotions with love

When big feeling or emotions arise, do you tend to resist them, shut off to them or push them to the side? Do you make yourself wrong or judge what you are feeling? Instead, see if you can open up your heart and fully embrace what you are feeling without judgment. Bring compassion, kindness, softness and understanding to yourself, and bring full acceptance to your emotions. Love and support yourself through these feelings like you would a best friend. Also, trust yourself and your body. Know that what is rising for you now, is coming up because it is time to face it and work through it.

Stay in your body and feel

When you feel a big emotion, identify where in your body you feel it the strongest and place your hand over that part of your body. Bring your attention to that place and breathe deeply into it. Stay present to the sensation and the rawness of the emotion (rather than getting caught in the story of what triggered it) and allow it to move through your body and be expressed through tears, words, rage, screaming or writing. It can also be really powerful to process and release emotion through movement such as dancing, running or sweating it out at the gym.

Practise self-support and self-care

When you are moving through big emotional periods you need a lot of self-care, as well as a safe space to express and explore your emotion. If you are feeling sensitive, triggered or emotional you may like to set yourself up in bed or somewhere cosy to explore your feelings. Play some soft music, light candles, get into some comfortable clothes and pull out your journal to work through it. It may also be helpful to dance to some music, go on a nature walk, run a bath or do anything else that calms, soothes and settles you.

Express your truth if needed

If your emotion was triggered by a person or if your emotion is around words unsaid, needs unmet or things that have hurt you, putting a voice to these feelings can be incredibly healing. It may feel important to you at this time to have conversations that allow you to be heard in your truth. When you share your emotions, stay focused on what you feel and what you are experiencing within yourself, versus getting caught in blame or making the other person wrong. Also, aim to work through and release some of the intensity around the emotion within yourself first, so you can then communicate in a calmer and clearer way.

Allow yourself to be held and supported

If your emotions feel linked to a deeper pattern, childhood trauma or painful past experience, be sure to reach out for support. Sometimes when we begin processing emotion we work through the top layers, but then we begin to see that it is linked to a core problem or issue that was never resolved for us. Personally, I have been working with some incredible therapists lately who are supporting me in releasing deep emotional trauma from my body, and this is absolutely work that you cannot do alone.


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Connie x



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