How To Reclaim & Embody Your Feminine Power (AR #110)

Reclaiming your feminine power is about realising that you do not have to be tough, unbreakable, always confident, kicking goals or achieving things in order to be powerful.

You do not have to follow a masculine paradigm.

Feminine power is a more subtle and inward experience that lies in your energy, your embodiment, who you are being and how you feel about yourself.

It is when a woman loves herself deeply, follows her intuition, owns her worth, implements boundaries and embodies her magnetism, that she taps into her true feminine power.

She becomes a powerful force for change, healing and new possibilities.

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In This Episode I Cover:

- The difference between feminine power and masculine power
- Why many women are stuck operating in masculine paradigms
- The feminine expression of power is about energy, embodiment and who you are being
- Building a loving relationship with yourself
- How to feel empowered as a woman, from within
- The ways you weaken yourself and disconnect from your power
- How to honour yourself through boundaries
- They key to raising your self-worth
- Feminine intuition vs masculine logic
- Why your softness, sensitivity and receptivity is your superpower
- Allowing intuition to guide you
- Why it is your energy that makes you magnetic
- The importance of aligning your energy before you take action
- Why feminine power is about listening to your body

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