Honour The Cycles Of Your Feminine Energy (AR #108)

Today on the podcast, I am exploring the relationship that we have as women to our feminine energy, and some of the challenges that I see women experiencing in embracing this energy.

Feminine energy is cyclical. We are not the same emotionally, energetically or hormonally each day and we are always moving through seasons, ups and downs, ebbs and flow, and various waves of emotion.

But I see many women struggling to embrace the seasons and cycles of feminine energy. They instead try to force their energy to function in more of a masculine way and expect themselves to be able to feel the same, be the same and output the same every day.

The tendency can be to then make themselves wrong and fall into patterns of judgement and resistance when their energy doesn’t flow that way.

If we want to embody more of our feminine energy it is important that we be embracing and honouring all of our various cycles and seasons of energy and learning how to love and support ourselves through them, rather than judge and resist them.

Listen To Episode #108:

In This Episode I Cover:

- What it looks like to have our energy functioning in a masculine way
- The tendency to value masculine energy over feminine energy
- The cyclical nature of feminine energy and why we need to embrace this
- Honouring our menstrual cycle
- How we resist and judge the ups and downs of the feminine experience
- Why we need to stop pushing and start flowing
- How boundaries give direction and structure to your feminine energy
- How to honour your feminine and still get things done
- The importance of unconditional self-love
- Why the cycles of your feminine are an invitation to love all of you
- Why feminine emotion is like a tropical climate
- The secret to quickly clearing and shifting your feminine emotions

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With love,
Connie x

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