The Power of Journaling for Clearing Fear & Creating Self-Love with Katie Dalebout (AR #56)

Today’s Awaken Radio episode is with one of my favourite ladies Katie Dalebout. Katie and I connected years ago through our work, and I was lucky enough to be featured on her amazing podcast. It was through this conversation that I began to get to know this gorgeous and inspiring woman that you will hear a […]

Honour The Empty Space Between The Old & The New

For the past few months I’ve had this strange sensation of feeling like I am suspended between two worlds. And while a big part of me has wanted to label and judge this experience has being bad or wrong, a deeper part of me understands exactly what is going on. The transformation process requires old parts […]

The Vulnerability of Being Visible

Each morning I sit on my sheepskin run, with my cup of tea and drop into my meditation. I bring my focus out of my head and into my body, and I tune inwards for guidance. It can take me a little while to slow down my mind enough to tune in, and sometimes music […]

Breaking Free of Emotional Reactions & Finding Inner Peace (AR #55)

For a long time I lived on an emotional rollercoaster of up’s and down’s. I was dramatic and reactive and it seemed that even the smallest thing could tip me off into a spiral of emotion. I didn’t know how to manage my emotional wellbeing, and it seemed completely out of my control. I felt […]

Endings, Beginnings, Changes & Wrapping Up An Old Chapter

For much of this year, there has been a feeling brewing in me – a feeling that soon change will be unfolding. It is a sense and knowing that all the work I have been doing behind the scenes within myself, will be soon coming to fruition. And that I will need to bring it out into the […]

Adore Your Cycle, Love Your Body & Honour Your Feminine Flow with Claire Baker (AR #54)

These days as women, our relationship with our bodies has become one of our biggest sources of struggle, and also one of our greatest opportunities for healing. Personally, I spent years being at war with myself and with everything that came with being a woman. I hated the constant weight fluctuations, emotional ups and downs and the energetic rollercoaster. […]

Open Up To What Makes You Uncomfortable (& Dive Into Your Discomfort)

At the beginning of this year, I made a clear decision within my heart that I wanted to expand and diversify the way I was doing business. After four years of working alone I was craving collaboration and connection. I feel so blessed to be able to work for myself and do what I love every single day, […]

Are You Devoted or Dabbling? The Power of Whole-Hearted Commitment (AR #53)

So I was never really aware just how much I had a fear of commitment. I knew I had some slight resistance to it, but it was the other day, while at my local yoga studio that I had a huge realisation. After attending this studio for about a year, one of the teachers began speaking to me about getting […]

Surrender Your Head To Your Heart (AR #52)

Last month I found myself stuck at a turning point. I had to make a decision around my home and where I wanted to live, and I could not seem to find any clarity at all. My head and heart were at war. I felt torn within myself. Conflicting thoughts and feelings whirred around inside me. I could not tell which […]

What Would It Look Like If You Were Fully Showing Up? (Video)

So it has been over a year since I recorded a video blog. The desire to share myself in this way with you has been tugging at me for months, and I have found every excuse under the sun to not act on it. I have felt huge resistance to the guidance within me that […]