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"Your podcast has changed my life! Once I started listening I could not stop. I finally feel like people are talking my language after years of feeling misunderstood. I can’t thank you enough!" – Taylor

"I just started listening to your podcasts and wow, I love them! Thanks so much for sharing your passion - I am hooked! I love the guest speakers you bring on and the topics you have curated. So inspirational and beautiful and truly from the heart! Keep doing what you're doing, it is ah-mazing" - Sarah 

"I love, love, love this podcast. It is full of so many golden nuggets and take-aways. I cannot recommend Connie's podcast enough, especially her most recent one on how to overcome self-doubt. This was exactly what I needed to listen to today! Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences Connie. It is truly inspirational!" - Sammy

"Awaken Radio is my favourite podcast. Connie's interviewing style is gentle and supportive and her insights are thought-provoking and heart-centred" - Casandra

"Connie what you are sharing is amazing!! Your podcast is helping me in so many ways!" – Hannah

"Connie's podcast is refreshing, grounding, uplifting, enlightening & comforting. You are going to receive learnings in more ways that you can imagine. Her topics always feel divinely times to whatever is unravelling in my world and I adore tuning into Awaken Radio. It is like a warm hug and a cup of tea all rolled into one" - Annabelle.


Connie 66

Episode #50

Contentment, Wholeness & Healing The Lack Mentality


Episode #68

How To Break Free From The Comparison Trap


Episode #67

Natural Eco-Beauty & Creating Radiance From Within with Emmily Banks

Awaken Radio 84 with Connie Chapman

Episode #66

How To Overcome Self-Doubt As You Follow Dreams


Episode #65

Invincible Living, Kundalini Yoga & Conscious Relationship with Guru Jagat 

Connie 14 (1)

Episode #64

How To Release Your Expectations Of Others


Episode #63

Eat With Intention & Live Guided By Your Intuition with Cassandra Bodzak

Connie 46

Episode #62

The Power Of Letting Go: How To Release The Old & Expand Your Life (Part One)

Connie 49

Episode #61

The Power Of Letting Go: How To Release The Old & Expand Your Life (Part Two)

M.S High Res 07

Episode #60

Soul Embodiment, Unraveling Fear & Owning Your Gifts With Melissa Sandon

Module Five

Episode #59

Build A Loving & Empowering Relationship With Yourself


Episode #58

Releasing Control & Practising Deep Surrender with Madelyn Moon


Episode #57

Embodying Your Highest Self & Bringing Your Big Dreams To Life


Episode #56

The Power Of Journaling For Clearing Fear & Creating Self-Love with Katie Dalebout

Connie 03

Episode #55

Breaking Free From Emotional Reactions & Finding Inner Peace


Episode #54

Adore Your Cycle, Love Your Body & Honour Your Feminine Flow with Claire Baker


Episode #53

Are You Devoted Or Dabbling? The Power Of Whole-Hearted Commitment

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Episode #52

Surrender Your Head To Your Heart


Episode #51

Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom & Live Free Of Limitation with Caroline Frenette

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